Ripping DVDs as TV shows in Handbrake

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mattwolfmatt, Apr 14, 2010.

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    I am ripping some P90x DVDs I just bought (yes legally). I'd like to have them on my Mac Mini Media Center, so I don't have to keep changing the discs.

    I've ripped the first DVD using handbrake, but when I try to import it to itunes, it shows up as a Movie. I've even tried putting in the "TV" folder of my itunes music folder. As soon as I drag it to itunes, it deletes itself from the TV folder and moves to the movie folder. Then it shows up in itunes as a movie.

    Normally this would be fine, but there are 13 DVDs. When browsing my movies, I'd rather not have to page through "Chest and Arms" and "Yoga" as movies. I'd like a P90x TV Show, with all the "episodes" listed below - one per DVD.

    Is this possible? I'm even willing to re-rip it (I've only done one) if it means getting it as a TV show, not a movie in itunes.

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    It's an iTunes issue, right click on the clips that need to be TV shows and follow the upper image.
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    Also, if you use MetaX or Subler, it will write the movie type into the file so that if you ever remove the video from iTunes and reimport, it will show up under the proper section.
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    MetaX is my personal solution to this problem. I have personally ripped over 500 TV episodes and MetaX works great. Make sure you check the "Enable Support for Large Files" option. Otherwise, some small files will come out corrupted. In fact, as much as I love MetaX, I suggest checking all of the files after they are done to make sure they work. I lost many files before I found this out. They would be audio only afterwards. Ask any questions you want.
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    Thanks Spinner. I got it to show up as a TV show in itunes. I should've been more clear. What I'd really like is for this to show up as a TV show in Front Row. Right now when I open front row it's totally lost, it doesn't show up at all.

    How can I get it as a TV show in Front row?

    I'd rather not use MetaX - I'd like to stick to Handbrake. I don't need the meta data to be right, and I want to stick to what I have now. There's gotta be a way to do this!

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    Handbrake has nothing to do with where it goes into itunes. That's where MetaX comes in. even if you don't want all that meta data you can put some in and it will put it itunes correctly for you.

    Edit: Try this as well. Been using it for years and its great!
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    Ok Bases, I should not have doubted MetaX. Just downloaded it; it works great. Thanks for the help! Ich liebe das Macrumors!
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    Ripping DVD's as TV Shows

    Thank you very much spinnerlys. I have been trying to do that for a while and could not figure out how to get them out of the movie folder. Now if you could tell me how to create the sub folder for a season of tv shows I would buy you lunch if we ever meet.

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    no problem! Meta used to be better before they stopped updated the database with info but i don't mind manually putting in info in meta instead of having to do that all in itunes
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    I figured this out last night after reading this post as I have the same issues with my Insanity videos that I ripped. These were all in my movies and I hated having to scroll though 11 videos so here is what I did.

    In each video right clicked on "Get info" and I think it's under the option tab and changed the type from movie to TV Show. I did this for all of them and check the box that it was part of a compilation. Then I checked album on the first video that was listed and called it Insanity now I go into tv shows on my Apple TV and choose Insanity and then all of my videos are sub videos in that album.
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    Actually, I have run into trouble just changing the designation in iTunes. The change is only made in the iTunes database. So, the file is still recognized as a movie by other programs -- even Frontrow for me.

    Also if you ever have to re-import it into iTunes, it will be a movie again. The only way to make the change permanent is to change the file. MetaX works so does Subler.
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    I agree - changing it in itunes is only temporary, it seems. If it is reimported it becomes a movie. MetaX works well for this.

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