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Discussion in 'iPod' started by atomheartmother, Dec 26, 2007.

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    I've tried Handbrake, but it just shuts down randomly when I start to rip it. This is undoubtedly because I'm trying to do this on an OLD iBook (G3 900 Mhz, 640 MB RAM). Is there any ripping program that will work on this old hunk of junk? I sure hope so as one of the primary reasons for going for the bigger Classic was to rip my DVD's onto it.

    Also, I have access to a more powerful PC. Would I be able to rip it there and upload it to my iPod, if my iPod is setup to work with my iBook?
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    I wonder if Handbrake can even be run on a G3 anymore.

    Try Handbrake for Windows.
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    Probably not. They mention using it only with some 2Ghz Dual Core or something fancy like that.

    If I rip it to the Windows PC, will I be able to upload it to my iPod fine even though it is setup/formatted to work with my iBook?
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    So... whats wrong with Mac the Ripper for ripping? Popcorn 2 will still run on a G3 for encoding to iPod format.
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    I'd figure out a way of moving the converted files from the Windows machine to your Mac. (e.g. network, external drives, etc.)

    Popcorn = $$$
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    DVDRemaster works really well for converting to iPod format. It costs $50 but I think the price is well worth it.
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    It does cost a moderate amount, but its so painless I think its worth it.
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    I am an owner Popcorn 2 as well.

    To be honest, I'd rather spend on the money on Visual Hub.
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    How big would a 2 hour DVD be in iPod format? The only thing I have to move it over is a 512MB flash drive. I also only have access to this PC for a few more days, so it's not a permanent solution.

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