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Ripping movies to my ATV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Sdao, Feb 24, 2008.

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    I have a ton of movies on my external hard drive and I'm looking to sync them with my AppleTV, however, what format do they have to be in order for me to watch them on my ATV?

    Is there a good program that will convert my movie files to the appropriate file extension?
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    I know handbrake rips dvd's, but what about converting files that i already have so i can put them in the same format? Does handbrake do that too?
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    For that, and with a little searching on this forum, you need Visual Hub.

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    Yes, Handbrake will "rip" the DVD, but you sill need another app to convert it. I use VisualHub and love the results.
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    Actually, Handbrake will do everything. However, for the answer the OP was looking for, use VisualHub, one of the greatest video conversion softwares of all time.
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    Which settings do you people use on VisualHub for converting movies to suitable moviefiles for :apple:tv? What is for example the difference between converting to MP4 and converting to iTunes in VisualHub? And is "Go nuts" the best option concerning the quality?
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    I use the AppleTV presets on Visual Hub and have had good results. They now have a setting that passes 5.1 sound through to the final file. I haven't tried the "go nuts" setting yet but I suspect it would result in a very large file. I've set it at high quality and it looks great.
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    I'm going to purchase Visual Hub, it looks like it'll do the trick.

    I just wanted to know, if I'm converting a file for AppleTV, should I make sure that the "H.264" box is checked?
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    Oops, didn't read the question fully.

    I will agree that Visual Hub is your best option. I recently posted a question about alternatives to Visual Hub and pretty much everyone said don't bother, VH is your best option.
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    Should I check the H.264 Encoding box when using Visual Hub?
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    yes you should. better quality.
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    Why do you think that you need another app to convert VOB to Apple TV. Handbrake is by far the best application for this purpose.

    The original post would do well if stated the type of files to convert. How can this thread make an assumption without knowledge?

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