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rMBP users on Mavericks- How is the lag?

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by bkribbs, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. bkribbs, Jun 12, 2013
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2013

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    I'm really surprised I have seen NOTHING on this!

    For people who had lag, has it been improved? People have been saying 10.9 was the magical fix, so- is it?

    Can you please state if you had it before, and if you have it now?

    I've also seen theories it needs new thermal paste applied so maybe 10.9 isn't the fix? Or both?
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    I haven't had any lag since 10.8.2 or slightly earlier
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    Interesting. Well some people have definitely still been having it on 10.8.4. Thanks for your feedback!

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    I haven't been using 10.9 - tried out Safari 6.1 on ML - and it is incredibly quick compared to Safari 6.0.2 etc. I have around 15 -20 tabs open, scrolling on Facebook / The Verge not an issue. Processor usage seems lower too.

    Love the new sidebar etc. A definite improvement.
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    There's also the lag in mission control I understand which would still exist for you. If I'm paying 2200 dollars for a machine, I want NO lag.
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    Resizing Safari windows on the highest resolution and HD 4000 still lags. Other than that, I haven't really noticed any lag.
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    Did you have other lag previously?
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    There is no lag whatsoever on my retina MacBook Pro. Mavericks is really smooth
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    You had it before Mavericks though?
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    Everyone has it, there are just people who are blind and ignorant and there are people like you and me. So far, it looks like that Maverick fixes the lag problem.
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    There are probably a few people without it. Not all computer are built equally.

    Also, not me yet, I've been waiting to confirm this is gone before I buy it.

    But sweet!
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    Could someone capture a video about rMBP performance, like scrolling in Safari and launching mission control, in Mavericks and upload it to youtube?

    I`m owner of a 13" model, and I can`t wait to get 10.9...
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    Well, Apple themselves confirmed to me more than twice that the GUI performance on a rmbp is not optimal and that this is the price for being the first company to bring out a laptop with such a high resolution.
    Also, I tested at least 15 different rmbps in different Apple stores, do not believe what people are saying about this. The rmbp's GUI performance is ridiculous. They suggested to me escalating this with some manager at Apple to get a refund or a different Mac...
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    I believe sharing video may violate NDA? not sure if it isn't showing new stuff off though.

    This is in reference to 10.8 right? No longer relevant with 10.9?
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    Yes to 10.8. I am not a developer but people seem to be happy about the 10.9 performance.
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    Ah gotcha.

    I would love for one person who had bad lag before and now has 10.9 to just state it clears it up.
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    Oh, okay. I didn`t have a clue about this, thanks.
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    Just a hint: there will always be a lag (as in - a slight initial delay) in Mission Control if you have enough windows open, simply because OS X has to issue a redraw operation on all of the windows. And, don't forget that windows are still updated in real time while being shown in Mission Control, this is very taxing for the system. It is very different from the 'normal' operation where the OS can optimise away visualisation of hidden UI elements.
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    Yes, even with 10.8.4 but only in Safari, mostly in Facebook.
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    Safari is very smooth, Chrome same as before. Mission Control zoom animation gets pretty choppy, especially with multiple monitors but independent spaces is worth it.
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    scrolling is definitely better, it is a little buggy though.
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    Same experience here. Definitely a lot smoother compared to previous releases of Mountain Lion, but Safari is super buggy.
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    i think the performance is the same as mountain lion, slightly laggy, but laggy.
    Worst bits: Safati, Mission control and Launchpad.
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    How do I try to replicate the mission control and launchpad lag?
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    the mavericks performance is much better than ML 10.8.4 on my rmbp. and luckily all of my apps work except vmware becomes a bit slow, but it's not much.

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