Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin

Discussion in 'iPod' started by amholl, Mar 10, 2005.

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    Why is Plant's new single (which is very good, btw) on the iTMS, but all of Zeppelin's stuff not. Wasn't Plant their lead singer?
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    yes, he was.

    The Zep stuff isn't on iTMS for basically the same reason that the Beatles catalog isn't on there.

    Plant's current recording contracts and label/PRO affiliations are as such that he can release his music on iTunes, but the Zep recordings are more complicated. There is a label, 2 other surviving band members, PRO, copyright holders, and multiple other factors to consider. His new solo stuff is free of these particular strings for the most part.
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    He was.. but maybe the rights for Led Zppelin aren't owned by Plant anymore, and whomever does own it doesn't want to make any money? :)
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    Greatest rock band, ever. Go buy the CDs :)
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    Zep never released singles, the albums were expected to be heard as a whole, apart from contractural issues, Zep members (all 3 of them) probably don't want an individual track download happening from iTMS.

    Yes, greatest band of all time, apart from the other few greatest bands that is...
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    Well, I guess, except for the Cadillac commercial ;)

    And yes, there are a few others that are too close to call :)
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    Never saw it in the UK, which track did they murder?
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    Caddy bought the limited rights to a 30 second clip of "Rock & Roll" in like 2000 for several million dollars. It's been in almost every commercial they've done since then. Although they haven't been using it in their "5 second" series of commercials.

    It's the sole exception so far to Zep's no-endorsement policies.
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    I thought it was Jimmy Page that owned the rights to the tracks...
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    was anyone here in the great reunion gig?

    it was ***** awsome!!!

    they're the greastest rock band ever, and they still have what it takes to give a good show even at their age today!

    I hope they'll have another gig like it again, it was a once in a lifetime experience...

    Johnny from guitars101
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    go out and buy all the CD's. you won't be disappointed. just rip them into itunes. also, if you're more interested, pick up the Led Zeppelin DVD, The Song Remains the Same, and How the West Was Won. that will give you some of their greatest live performances.

    i wouldn't buy Mothership off of iTMS (it's on there right?) as it's kind of a dumb compilation.

    BTW, you should get the "Complete studio Recordings" version. that's the newest remastering.

    -the biggest Led Zeppelin fan ever

    EDIT: john, you lucky SOB, how on earth did you get tickets??? i hope they tour when Robert's done with his stuff.
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    :eek: You were actually at the concert?!?! Lucky!!

    Mothership is actually pretty good. The only complaint I have about it is that the put "In the Evening" on there instead of "Fool In the Rain".
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    i'd rather have "South Bound Saurez" or "Carouselambra" (yeah, i know everyone hates that one...). I like the live performance of In the Evening at Knebworth a lot better than the studio version.

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