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Rockbox Has Made iPod Gapless...Why Can't Apple!!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by lorkp, Feb 13, 2006.

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    rockbox.org. It's still in the development stages but I've used it and it definitely works. It obviously can be done. What's Apple's Problem?
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    The people who care have found a solution, and the people who don't continue to jam as usual. Besides Apple only cares about videos now. :eek:
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    Glenn Wolsey

    Come on, be fair. Apple doesn't just care about video for the iPod at the moment. They have spent an awful lot of time developing this video store, but I'm sure they are also focusing on "the music, which is what its all about" as Jobs said.
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    The problem isn't gapless playback, the problem is doing it and retaining any battery life. The way the iPod allocates memory now, it gets large chunks sequentially. it would have to grab some info twice in order to crossfade between the tracks. Not the end of the world, but less battery.
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    I winder if the power problem is relevant any more on the flash players. Even the processors in later disk-based models are free of the brain dead memory access scheme that kept earlier models' caches so tiny.

    I'd guess that the real problem is something simpler, like many people filling out online petitions and complaining in public forums, and very few sending feedback straight to Apple.
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    So make it an option, i'd gladly give up some battery life for gapless playback.
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    I care and havent found a solution, would you care to enlighten me?

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