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Rockstar Releases 'iFruit' Companion App for 'Grand Theft Auto V'

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Ahead of tomorrow's Grand Theft Auto V launch, Rockstar has released a companion app for the game, Grand Theft Auto: iFruit (via TouchArcade). Though the name of the app is a parody on Apple devices, it provides a number of helpful in-game features, including allowing users to create and customize vehicles that will then be available in the game.

    Customization options for cars include paint jobs, window tints, smoke colors, wheels, hoods, and spoilers. Engines, brakes, exhaust, and suspension can be upgraded, and there are even customized license plates available in the online portion of the game.

    Gamers can also use the iFruit app to access options for caring for Chop the Dog, an in-game sidekick in GTA V. Though a virtual pet system, the app provides in-game benefits that cause Chop to be more helpful, performing tricks, and locating hidden items.

    In addition to providing customization options and access to Chop the Dog, iFruit offers GTA V news, access to the Rockstar Games Social Club, and links to other Rockstar Games apps.

    Grand Theft Auto: iFruit can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link] Grand Theft Auto V will launch on September 17 for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

    Article Link: Rockstar Releases 'iFruit' Companion App for 'Grand Theft Auto V'
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    A Hebrew

    This will probably be the game of the year o_O
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    Activision and EA can help alot of lessons from ROCKSTAR.
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    Can't wait to get it from my post box tomorrow!:rolleyes:
  5. bengst, Sep 16, 2013
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    hmm.. how about Rockstar* remember where they came from and release the game on PC? A platform which made them as they are now?
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    Grand Theft Auto III for PS2 says hi.
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    I can't wait to play Grand Theft Audio V on my Mac tomorrow! Woo Hoo! Oh wait...it's NOT available for the Mac (or PC) so WHO GIVES A FRACK? :cool:
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    If you knew anything about GTAV or Rockstar, you would know that the pc release always comes after the console release. It makes business sense.
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    what made them what they are now was selling millions of copies on platforms, not pc.
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    So is the iFruit 5s gold version the official GTA version?
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    No android support? Shocker.
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    Rockstar said there will be an android version soon!
    Midnight release tonight, I can't wait!
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    The poster was referring to the original GTA games, there were GTA games before GTA III.

    Although I would like to see it on PC I understand consoles have to come first nowadays. Bit like expecting Bungie to still make mac games first.
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    Obviously there were games in the GTA series before GTA III, but that third game launched the company and brand to incredible new heights.
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    iFruit? I wonder what Bill Amend thinks of this.
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    GTA V looks ridiculously amazing. I have to try it.
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    You mean... the Amiga? They should support the Amiga again? Commodore as a brand aren't operating any more. I don't think there would be any point.

    Or do you mean when they started making PC and PS1 games? Because GTA1 was both a PS1 and PC game.
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    Really? I thought they started at GTA III for giggles :rolleyes:

    Xbox & PS2 - October 2001
    Windows - May 2002
    Mac - November 2010

    GTA Vice City
    Xbox & PS2 - October 2002
    Windows - May 2003
    Mac - November 2010

    GTA San Andreas
    Xbox & PS2 - October 2004
    Windows - June 2005
    Mac - November 2010

    GTA IV
    Xbox 360 & PS3 - April 2008
    Windows - December 2008
    Mac - None

    See the obvious pattern that any GTA fan would know about?

    There is a 7-8 month gap between console releases and Windows release - and there has been for over 10 years. It's nothing new. Rockstar are not 'snubbing' or ignoring PC users at all, despite what some ill informed people keep banging on about.


    There is android support, the app is just delayed.
  19. tagy, Sep 16, 2013
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    Think you need to chill out, I was only pointing out what bengst meant. Some PC gamers have been complaining about it since GTA III. It is nothing new, I'm sure someone will complain about it when GTA6 is released.

    Back OT: This looks like a surprisingly good app can't wait to try it with the GTAV.
  20. bengst, Sep 16, 2013
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    of course selling ON multiple platforms, not only console or PC alone. they were started the series on PC and PS (one), embraced and extended by modding community which is from PC platform.

    don't get me wrong, I like Rockstargames. And I just installed this "iFruit" companion app (which is nice), already pre-ordered GTA V months ago for PS3. But I would prefer playing it on PC (or Mac) and extends the experience with mods.

    yep. PC and PS1

    unfortunately, can't login at the moment. perhaps, too many login attemps hit their server.
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    Finally, proof that Saints Row games are the true innovators. Remember the Initiation Station for SR3? Exactly.:cool:

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