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Rogers/Telus & Bell Alternative Carriers & Plans for All iPhone Users $56 LTE!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Satnam1989, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Satnam1989, Dec 8, 2012
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    I just wanted to point out, those of you that are In Canada that if you are paying $55+ for your smartphone plan do switch to this new plan! Its worth every penny you are paying right now as there are no better deals for us Canadians who love their iPhone's. If you have a good enough plan but isnt Canada-Wide...think about it how much more this plan is worth if you got charged last time you visited Niagara Falls or Anywhere Western/Eastern Canada for any reason. If you paid even few $$ this plan definitely is worth it for you.

    Here is the break down:
    - Unlimited Canada Wide Calling and Roaming (No Long distance for travelling out side of your area)
    - Caller-ID & Voicemail 10
    - Unlimited Texting to Canada, USA & International
    - 2GB LTE Data
    ONLY $56+Tax

    Virgin Mobile(Bell) and Koodo (Telus) are also offering this exact same plan for $56+Tax.

    Note to those that are contracts (Front what I researched), If you switch From Rogers to Fido, there are no Early Termination Fee's (ETF). So those of you on Rogers/ Get your bill from Rogers can freely move down to Fido (Still Rogers) but its their SUB Carrier as it competes with Wind, Mobilicity, Virgin and Koodo so you will save dollars! However I cannot speak for Telus and Bell allowing the movement from Main to SUB carrier.

    For the past couple(or few) years the Big 3 Carriers have made the rule that the contract is Tied to the Smartphone/Phone it self rather than the Voice/Voice+Data plan meaning you can change your plans as often as you like.

    Also for us Canadians we know getting Caller-ID & VM for free is luxurious as we know most plans you have to pay extra unless they cost $60-$70+ and/or if you sweet talk your way or fight with retentions.

    All in all I am extremely pleased with this plan as I never have to think about what roaming charges I will face, When I can answer my phone, When I can make calls, etc etc etc

    Hope this information is helpful for some, You should switch to any one of the 3 if you can and while you can.

    **I am no way affiliated with Fido, As a Canadian I am always looking out to save every dollar and get the biggest bang for my buck because unlike our American friends we don't have amazing plans that include unlimited features offered by likes of T-Mobile, Straight Talk etc
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    I wonder if Fido retentions can hook up a deal to match this plan offering
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    is this on their website? looking on rogers website now and don't see it
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    Thanks op. I saw this deal a couple of days ago after I got an email from my current carrier referring me to check out some deals at Fido. Initially I thought wtf?? I didn't realize my carrier was another Rogers company though.

    It's a great deal, and an especially good deal for me since my cell phone is also my home phone.


    It's on Fido's site.
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    Thats awsome btw make sure if u signed up for it while it was $57 on Fido, to get it adjusted to $56/month!!! PS I hope they drop it further to like $55:p

    Thanks to companies like Wind Mobile (True Successor in being Canada's 4th largest network) for making Rogers, Telus and Bell learn what customers truly deserve.
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    What's the difference between Bell and Virgin if Bell owns Virgin?
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    Pricing, Plan prices are different....much like Sprint Own's Virgin in USA...pricing is different because Virgin is a SUB Carrier.


    Why would fido rententions need to offer this? It is available to everyone and is posted on their website and Ad's across GTA visible from the highways.

    Also Please note again now days contracts are tied to the devices rather than plans, so you are free to switch your plan as you like without paying hefty penalties.
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    I'm still under contract and these plans are for new sign-ups
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    Thats odd you might want to double check and find out about that As I know the contracts are linked to Devices rather than Plans.
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    tempting, but i got the 6gigs for $60.

    would you guys do the switch , save $4 , but lose 4 gigs?

    either way thanks for posting this! its nice to see some canadian options out there!:apple:
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    not for $4 but You have to factor in your Voice plan as its just as important if you do tend to make plenty of calls at random times of the day as well as do decent travel (even if its once a month or every 2-3 months and how much u end up paying in roaming....sure some can make do by using voip apps but it doesnt cut it at times tho) since we know how our canadian big 3 love to charge roaming once u leave GTA because your "roaming" even tho your still on the same network and everything but its just their tactic to rip u off.

    Data is important but I personally think having cellular voice service is far superior than data at those times of need because when signal is LOW your data services can be non-operational leaving you to use your minutes to make long distance calls.
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    Fido been running the commercial for that deal here in Alberta. Better than Telus if you are not tied into a plan. Cost to much to break a plan with them.
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    It seems Fido has Ended their $56 Plan! They seem to be offering it at $57 now with only 1GB Data....

    However Virgin Mobile Canada & Koodo Mobile are still offering the plan until Jan 10/2013 so get it while you can!!


    I'm on this plan with 2GB Data I can say its amazing! I was making do with only 250MB for almost 6 months with Canada-Wide its a bonus as I never have to care or worry about where I am and make/receive calls all the time.
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    I pay telus 57$/month for 6GB data and more minutes than I'll ever need. No I don't have canada wide calling or international text, but IMO it's a fair trade off to be a premium customer. I used to be with koodo and getting a hold of a human rep was damn near impossible, while I think telus has 24/7 technical support.

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