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Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by blockheads88, Jun 8, 2010.

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    Hey So Since the store has moved in the mall what entrance should people be lining up at?
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    I would think the same one as before except on the ground level.
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    Line Up?

    Hey what time are people going to start lining up at this store?
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    I think that i will be lining up at around 3:30ish. Do u think that will be to early i know that usually Roosevelt field is usually crowed.
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    RF entry

    I would expect it to be the same as for the iPad- in the back on the ground floor. I was planning on getting there about 6am. Do you think even with reservation we need to be there earlier?
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    What Back do u mean? By Burger King or on side with modell's?
    and I think i am going to be there around 3 ish. i know last year for the 3GS is was crowed so i would assume this year even more
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    Im going to head there about 9:30am since i have a reservation
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    Hey Ninjakid, when you did your reservation, did you get any confirmation by e-mail about your reservation?
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    Same here. Might reach there around 8-8:30 am or sometime near closing. I have my reservation + confirmation e-mail so I'm good.
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    Yes back by Burger King.

    I was hoping with a reservation / email confirmation it would be less painful this time. Not so sure now!
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    My boyfriend and I plan on leaving my house at 4am to get there by 4:20 and maybe bring a pair of chairs and hopefully make it out before 8 because i'm taking summer classes and have a presentation that morning :D
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    Am going to be there like around 3am I have my reserved so i hope I be out of there by 7:30 or 8
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    They moved downstairs? Damn, I guess it's been a while!

    I think the Long Island schools have half a day on Thursday. I guess most of us parents won't be able to make it...

    Or the place is going to be mobbed with kids after 12.
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    I was in the apple store today and one of the employee said that the line will be the same as it was for the iPad, and that they are going to separate the line in two like around 4AM one line for reserved and the other one for no reserved.
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    So if they're separating a line at 4am, they're obviously expecting it to get hectic with or without a reservation :(
    I have a reservation for two phones and I doubt there will be anyone doing the day before camp out. I'll stop by the apple store on wednesday afternoon to get more info since campus is a 3 minute drive away...hopefully I get good news!
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    The guy told me that they are expecting a lot of people, and that the reserved line will be moving faster because they have all the reserved iphone apart and
    people will only come in get there iphone pay for it and live
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    Yes I got a email about it and in the apple store app it shows up in reservation section for the store.
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    Thanks NinjaKid
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    I asked one of the employees the other day and he said they will start a line around Midnight or 2AM
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    am going to be there at 2 to 2:30 them i want to get my phone early
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    Just called Roosevelt Field (after waiting about 30 minutes on hold) and they said that if you have a reservation you will get a phone if you get there by 9:30 otherwise your reservation is worthless.

    Also he said that the line will form whenever people start to come (could be any minute now) and the line will form by the Burger King Entrance (Near old Apple Store but on 1st floor)
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    *Assuming you mean 9:30 am

    By 9:30 really? I doubt they're allowed to do that. I was planning on picking mine up around 7:30-8 pm.
    If they really only honor reservations until 9:30am I might have to take it up with Apple Corporate.
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    Yes AM

    From Email
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    I reserved mine so I plan to arrive around 8am.

    I should be fine since I reserved correct?
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    No, get there early.

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