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Round G5s?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacMaelstrom, Aug 15, 2003.

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    They already have the iMac g4 with the round logix board and what not. But if they tried to fit that 12" wafermagig into the round iMac case which I believe is also 12" they would have to enlarge the bottom base to say, 16" and then make the logix board a bit less compacted, then put a round processor assembly above that and attach it in some sort of way. Then we've got the problem of heat. Lots of it. And the optical drives, hard disks, etc. Cramp all that in there, we've got serious therrmal issues.

    The only way I think they could maybe possibily perhaps pull this off, is if they made everything really, really, flat. Use laptop sized drives, or even an "all drives external" setup. Then they could make a very big and very fast fan that revolved around the top of the base, but low enough to be big enough to really get most of the innards. Then put the holes at the top...

    A preforated Mac who's preforations are not a good place to drop small objects. :( And it's loud... with that one big fast fan... Getting down to the point, I don't think we'll be seeing compact G5's any time soon, much less PowerBooks.
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    i'm so lost...this post is kind of out of nowhere. are you basing it on something?
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    What caused this brainstorm?

    It's not like it's easy for us to discuss - except for us to nod at our screens and say "Uh, huh."
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    Mr. Anderson

    Maybe G5s will end up when they get G5s in the Powerbooks (980s) - so the size/heat of the CPU will be much less.

    That would be my guess......otherwise you'd have to have the thing reengineered.

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    I think he or she is mistaking the 12" wafer size (evident in the "wafermagig" comment) of the G5 with the size of the actual chip. Those 12" wafers contain a lot of G5s on them. The actual chip is probably not much bigger than the G4 chip.
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    yeah that's what i was lead to understand. they are about the same size, just produced on a wafer.
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    Ahh. I see. So they cut the wafers up or err, how exactly does that go about?
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    if you want to find out more on the actually production process you could probably do a search on Google, or have a look at the IBM site. the Fishkill plant is the one making the G5's and it's a brand new multi-million dollar facility. IBM might have some stuff showing off the facility, like articles or pdf downloads etc that might explain it.

    you could also check out the G5 video that they showed at WWDC, they show inside the factory, might give you a better idea of what goes on in there.
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    Once the G5 trickles down to the iMac level, could the iMac desk-lamp form factor handle the cooling requirements?
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    Powerbook G5

    I'm sure by then, they'd do a redesign of the form factor.
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    The WWDC vid shows inside IBM for a full 5 seconds... It's of a mechinical arm putting wafers onto stacks... But I'll check google...

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