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Roxio and Elgato MWSF discounts and EyeTV 3.0

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by CHSE, Jan 17, 2008.

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    Check out the discounts at elgato and Roxio for Macworld. The bundle deals at Roxio are really good. If you use ROXIO15 as coupon code you get additionally 15% off (at least it worked for me so far). I hope the eyeTV I just ordered at Roxio comes with 3.0.

    - enjoy
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    I wonder if I order the HDhomerun right now, if it will ship with 3.0 (and apparently two licenses at that?)
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    Can anybody verify if EyeTV will ship with 3.0 if you order from Roxio??

    I want to buy either the eyetv 250 + toast 8 bundle (basically getting toast 8 for free - $151.94 shipped for both). OR
    eyetv hybrid + toast 8 bundle ($134.94 shipped for both)

    Before I buy I want to make sure I get eyetv 3.0 with the purchase, otherwise I'll just order from elgato and forgo getting toast 8.

    PS: i did send roxio a message but haven't heard back yet.

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    well Roxio never replied so I ordered directly from elgato.com so I can be sure I'm getting version 3.0 of eyetv.

    I decided to go with the eyetv hybrid for my new 24" alum iMac.

    I used code promo code V1Z5-7B4W-IZ7 at elgato.com for another 10% so I got it for $99 and change INCLUDING SHIPPING.

    I think the $50 off thing ends tonight so if you want one I'd order now.
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    I just ordered the eyeTV hybrid from its' online store with the 10% discount code... boy the discount code box is entered after you submitted the credit card number.

    Anyway, I did check out Elgato booth at Macworld. They were all using iMac (24-inch mid-2007) as demo units, not sure the inner spec. On one setup, eyeTV 3 didn't perform as expected and needed to do a force quit.

    I thought about getting the eyeTV 250 plus right away. However, I won the Elgato Turbo.264 at the show, so I settled with the eyeTV hybrid.
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    THANK YOU for the heads up and coupon code!
    I've had my eye on the Hybrid for a while, and w/ $50 off and basically free shipping with the coupon code, today was the day!

    So thanks again! You guys saved me about $60 :)
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    not to mention.. "New! EyeTV Hybrid now receives unencrypted digital cable (Clear QAM)"
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    Apologies if I'm out of the loop (since I have been away for a couple weeks) but with these types of product discounts does this not mean that new versions will probably be coming out relatively soon?

    I am quite looking forward to Toast Titanium 9... :cool:

    Regardless, it still appears to be a great deal!
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    What the hell, I bought myself the Hybrid. Figured I wouldn't be seeing a deal on it like this in a long while. Probably wont use it too often, mostly for recording music concerts and Lost off the satellite. Hopefully it makes it over to Canada by the 31st for the Lost premiere.

    Thanks for the coupon code BaronvdB

    EyeTV 3.0 software was just released this week at MWSF.
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    With the eye tv the discount is on the just released versions with clear QAM support.

    I ordered a few days ago, Wish I had found out about that coupon code before though. But $50 off is still great.
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    Thanks for the clarification guys - I've been trying to catch up on the events which transpired during my absence, but there's a lot to take in! ;)
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    Can't Decide..Need Advice!

    alright so i bought the hybrid earlier tonight, now i'm thinking maybe i should have bought the 250 plus...what do you guys think???

    I have a new alum iMac 2.4ghz w/1gb of ram..do you think it matters which one I get?? I can still order the 250 plus tonight and cancel my other order.
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    The 10% code also works at the European store too. :)
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    If you're running an intel core duo you should be fine, the 250 plus just has a hardware encoder for converting the analog to digital. The Hybrid relies on your CPU. I have the older Eyetv EZ and it uses my dual G5 to do the encoding and it works beautifully.
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    The ROXIO15 code did not work for me. However, I did find that this code gave me 10% off. I found it with a google search. V1Z5-7B4W-IZ7. Good Luck.

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