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Roxio Toast Survey Contest, Win an EyeTV 200 PVR

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 6, 2006.

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    Category: Deals and Coupons
    Link: Roxio Toast Survey Contest, Win an EyeTV 200 PVR
    Description:: In exchange for a few minutes of your time, you get to help shape the future of Toast.

    If that isn't good enough, you can also enter for a chance to win an EyeTV 200 Digital TV Recorder.

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    A Toast

    Toast rules for DVD/CD authoring......
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    Wow, that was quick and easy. It only takes about 2 minutes and doesn't ask for any personal details :)
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    Hmm, EyeTV 200 -- the good one. The one they stopped making and replaced with a USB (non-iMovie-able) version. How many times can I enter the contest? :)
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    I use toast, but really only for .bin/.cue image burning. I find iMovie/iDVD to be much more flexible for video authoring.

    I'd use Toast for Audio CD burning if I had any player devices that could actually use the CD Text functions.

    Really, iDVD,iTunes, Finder and Disk Utility provide all the functionality I need for burning most types of media. Yes, Disk Utility can burn most standard image types to disk as long as it understands the image file format (dmg, img, iso, etc).
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    Toast beats the lame OS data burning hands down. The Finder burning was slow in 10.2 and 10.3, and the silly burn folders in 10.4 make it just down right confusing.

    Toast 7 has the data spanning which also rocks over the OS.
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    Not to mention converting all my video files for iPod without them having to be in Quicktime and some other kick-arse video conversion features.
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    I have no idea how it functions, but I've used iSquint - and it ROCKS :). Any video format, very easy to use. Sorry for the advertisement like message :p


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    Or is it just and obscene coincidence that each and every one of your posts is touting the features and benefits of Roxio products?
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    I entered, and I agree that it was a nice fast survey, but I was one user that stated that I dont use any roxio product, I use a external DVD writer with my powerbook, and Toast 7 is so flacky that it crashers word go when I try to burn something to the external drive. So not much choice for me, but either way... I get a chance to win a cool device! :D
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    no need to be sorry, I'm happy to know there are alternatives but i have no reason to switch now!
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    The included apps are very nice

    The nice thing about Toast, for me, is the additional programs. Discus RE is pretty sweet for designing labels and inserts. I had a CD containing one big audio file (a recording from a vinyl record) and used the included CD Spin Doctor to slice it up into individual tracks and convert them to mp3s. It came in quite handy. Toast itself is nice but I agree I don't use it much.
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    Toast Titanium & is great.It would be the best if Roxio ever decided to release the darn universal binary.I've been waiting for it for 8 months.

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