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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by chillined1212, May 22, 2011.

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    I had no idea where to put this topic, but I am trying trying trying to find the answer to my question. I am a youtuber, soon to be partner, and everything i make has to be royalty free. Therefor, when I do music video parodies ( makes fun of an originial song) I need to find music for the parody. Like say for example I need to make a parody on lady gaga's song just dance, I need the soundtrack thats royalty free. But I am wondering if there are any sites that sell the royalty free instrumental remake. I don't have people who make them availible. Please help. I am afraid I will never find my answer.
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    You won't find it, considering those tracks aren't royalty free.
    Whoever does an instrumental is in fact making a cover track, and therefore would be breaking the law should they decide to release an instrumental version without permission/royalty payment.
    An example is karaoke machines connected to the internet. Every time an instrumental version of a song is played, the karaoke company pays royalty.

    The only thing I could suggest would be for you or a friend to create instrumental pieces that KIND OF reminds people of the original track in question, without copying it.

    As a music producer based in advertisement, I'm constantly having to do this.
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    Well when you do parodies, as longs as you own everything, then there is no royalties used. because according to the copyright law, parodies are part of some special thing or something. What I am wondering about is the insturmental. People with programs like fl studio and mixcraft make sound a like instrumentals, therefor making that instrumental royalty free, but I was wondering if there was a website where I could but that royalty free sound a like instrumental, instead of bothering the person to make me one.
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    You don't need to consult MacRumors. You needs to consult a lawyer familiar with the music business. (or fire off a letter to Weird Al).
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    Copyright law Section 107 provides that "the fair use of a copyrighted work . . . for purposes such as criticism [or] comment . . . is not an infringement . . . ,''.

    Stating that parodies are fine. I have a lawyer. I was just wondering if there is a website that sells royalty free instrumental remakes. I guess no one knows.
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    Royalty free

    Hi there. I am not sure about the law on parodies but yes to be safe to get a license for it and it is something you should try to seek out especially if you don't want every video you upload to be flagged. Maybe you can check out as I see something there for you. Music is $0.99.

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