Rugged case for iPad?

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Nipz, Mar 2, 2010.

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    Hi all,

    Im planning on using an iPad as a remote screen to do navigation on my racing yacht (in a waterproof case of course) but im worried about it getting damaged and wondered if anyone had heard of or is developing a rugged case for the iPad?

    If there isnt one planned i may have to go to industry standard Tough book with its crappy battery life!

    Hope someone can help!
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    you mean panasonic tough book? I used to have the little one and the baterry lasted like 5 hours or more

    don't worry as soon as the ipad is out you'll start to see a whole new market out there with some mounts and water-proof cases
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    I would check out companies like Otterbox. They have a wide variety of iPhone cases and seem to be planning some for the iPad. They tend to make cases from basic to fully water proof.

    I've not personally owned one, so can't say for sure of their quality or claims, but based on some reviews they seem to make some decent cases.
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    What was your view on the toughbook? What model did you have? The iPad should be 1000x better than the toughbook with battery life and screen quality!

    I sent them an email and they said they have had lots and lots of requests but nothing planned yet!
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    But not if you want a full OS.
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    It would be used as a remote screen for my old MacBook running windows. The toughbook is only a remote screen unless you have that crappy power brick which is slower than an iPhone!
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    Yes - in all likelihood. You'll just have to wait. There are tough cases for the iPhone -no reason they wouldn't come out with some for the iPad. Your best bet is to find manufacturers that do toughcases for iPhones, then email them to see/watch them to see what they produce after March.
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    That's the bad boy I'm going to get until a rugged one comes out! I hope one comes out soon else I'll have a broken iPad on my hands!
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    Mmmmmmm - KEVLAR iPAD CASE :)
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    Otterbox are advertising two types of cases, you can sign up to be notified when they are available.

    They are good cases, I had one on a Blackberry Storm, dropped it a few times but still works.
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    Just signed up! When i emailed them they said they weren't sure.
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    That sounds cool but how exactly are you planning to get nav info onto the iPad? Sailing close to shore / cell towers? Does the boat have a microwave up/downlink to satellites and a wifi network? Also, do you think the iPad screen will be usable in full sunlight at sea? Wouldn't a traditional marine nav / radar unit be more useful if more expensive?
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    I will use it at as a remote screen for my macbook (running windows :eek::mad: ) using VNC or whatever is the best at the time.

    I made another topic about a anti glare film but no replies, but could really do with something.

    I am going to get a waterproof sleeve for it until someone does an all in one rugged all in one case. Still worried that it will get smashed until then but hey!

    I was going to get a tough book but the battery life sucks on them and the good CF 08 is £1300ish. My thinking is that i can smash 2 or 3 iPads for the price of one CF 08.
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    Have you had any luck with your situation since last posting in this thread? I am involved with a new yacht that is launching soon and we are considering using an iPad on deck in conjunction with our Toughbook below. It would be great to hear what your experience has so far been.

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    Thanks for the tip. That FlipPad is a promising looking product. And as they are still in development, there is a chance they could produce a version without port access as well. I contacted Future Labs and am waiting for a reply. There is a growing market for such a product - albeit not massive. However, if all they have to do is produce a version that is identical sans port access...

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    I got an otterbox defender. It's a little bulky but my iPad is basically indestructible. The price tag is a little steep but you will never have to worry. Look on amazon they are usually a little cheaper there.
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    I have browsed online at the Otterbox Defender. Does the it even have a screen cover? We have considered using that product inside one of the waterproof bags. I use an Aquapac for my iPhone which is great. Cost is not an issue.

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    The screen protector is not built in but they give you one with the case. There is a hard plastic part that connects to it, it doubles as a 2 position stand but instead of attaching it to the back I put it over the front when I travel with it. It would take a lot of force to break through that and hit the screen.
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    I should clarify - we need a screen cover that is clear and functional as there will occasionally be waves breaking over the iPad. The moisture is really more of a concern than a durable case - not that durability isn't welcome!

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    I would look into a waterproof case. Not sure how well otterbox would fare
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    Tom G.

    OtterBox Defender is not waterproof nor really even water resistant. They will tell you that on their website. There is as mentioned a clear screen cover that comes with it.

    If you plan to go the OtterBox Defender route I would recommend then putting it in something like the Aquapac if they make one for the iPad. Should work great for you.
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