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Run MBP without battery.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by aaron.lee2006, Jan 22, 2007.

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    So I got a new MagSafe adapter. Can I run my machine without the battery, just the adapter?


    If I offended anyone with my posts yesterday on the fire thing I apologize but I swear I did not make up some sort of hoax. It was real.
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    Yes, it'll work. But I don't know if it's safe or not. :D
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    There isn't really a good reason to do so. You open up the insides of your computer to dust and possible damage to the battery connector. You also risk the complete shutdown of your computer and loss of all unsaved data should the MagSafe plug come loose, which is pretty easy to do.
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    It is safe, and good for your battery aswell. BUT, if you run it on your lap, the MagSafe has a tendency to come out; in that case, you have no safety net of the battery, so your unsaved work will dissapear...
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    Thank youn for the replies.
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    It'll work fine without the battery, but the CPU will not run at full speed. My old 1.83Ghz MBP downclocked to 1Ghz.
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    I had to do that when my first battery stopped working because it was one of the faulty ones. I didn't even know that it could run on the adapter until the guy at the Genius Bar hooked it up. They always make me feel so stupid. haha.
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    Yup, the laptop uses the battery as some sort of buffer against dangerous spikes or something like that.

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