Run WCIII under OSX or OS9?

Discussion in 'Games' started by wildcat4100, Aug 5, 2002.

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    I'm running WCIII under my ibook600/640Mb RAM and have all setting to low or off, still very slow when in battle with just a couple units in OSX 10.1.5, would it run smoother when run under OS9? Anybody can help please?
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    Yes it would run smoother under 9.

    If you want better performance, play WC3 under Mac OS 9.

    If you want better graphics, play under X.
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    What version of the ibook is that? Does it have the Radeon mobility or the Rage mobility in it?
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    ibook version

    It's the Rage Mobility from top of the line before 700MHz came out couple months ago, it has only 8Mb VRAM, I think that's the main problem....
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    Run under OS9

    Thanks a lot, then I'll definitely try it under OS9, as if it's uncontrolable under X, even if the graphic is great means nothing
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    Re: ibook version

    Yes that's your problem. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the minimum VRAM for WC3 was 16MB. That's why it's so uncontrolable on your system.
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    Re: Re: ibook version

    I can't wait till I get the new PowerMac...then end of this month? May be? Or use my Dell workstation at home with different Video board for games...
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    Re: Re: Re: ibook version

    I know what you mean...Look at my system(in my profile)! The best games it can play are red faction and stv: elite force(because it can only run up to os9.1)!:( I want 4x AGP now!
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    I want 8 x AGP on the next PM update!!
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    wildcat, we all do. I also want 1.5ghz at least 2 dual configs, 512k l2 cache, ddr 2700 (333 effective bus) 5.1 audio, ti's and superdrives standard,l3 cache standard adn i want it by the 14th.
    That will equal everythign wintel has, then when the 3.0s come out by december well have something better, and apple will again be speed king before realeasing the G5. We can dream cant we?
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    Re: 4xAGP?

    Yes that would be great!:D :D :D
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    New PM update

    What 3.0 will come out, what's that? You know how long I'd been waiting for the G5, but I really doubt it will release any sooner or....ever gonna release and my 8 yrs old 8500/120 with 250MHz G3 upgrade is gonna retire, also my 17" studio just I'll definitely be getting the next PM update, better be the specs you mention above plus more, otherwise Mac will be crushed by PeeCee not the other way around...:(

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