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Runcore SSD providing good boot time in Windows, slowed down in OS X

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by MacRuler, Jun 12, 2010.

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    i got the Runcore ssd about 1 month ago (the 32gb) for the macbook air 1.6 1st gen. Everything was working great until about two days ago, i was fiddling around with bootcamp and now i have two partitions a windows 7 and of course snow leopard. with about 1.2 gb free on each. Windows 7 is booting up quick around 30 seconds, but the OS X partition is taking around 2 minutes to boot up, i used to get 25-30 seconds, does anyone know what is going on? Thanks
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    You need to leave 20% of the drive's space available space in each partition. You don't have enough space to do what you're doing. With a 32 GB SSD, you are basically stuck with one OS. I always believe that with an SSD 20% of the disk's space needs to be available in each partition. Therefore, a single partition will work better with such a small drive. I think you need about 6 GB available in each partition you make. That has been my strategy with SSDs. They're different than HDDs, that work fine with 10% of the partition's space available.
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    yea i thought that could be a possibility but i was just wondering to why windows 7 seems to be fine and OS X is having trouble starting up and shutting down:confused:
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    Random results when a drive doesn't have enough space available. I think you're doing pretty good considering what you have. You're lucky it boots at all.
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    What size is you Windows Partition? Half and Half? it cannot actually be more than 23GB (32-4-5=23) but if it is actually 20GB, it may explain the noticeable difference in Boot Time, but also if you just installed Windows 7 fresh, it does have an extremely fast Boot Time regardless
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    i have 14 gb for SL and 15 gb for windows 7, i dont see your point thought?
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    My point is that, in my experience with setting up Bootcamp for myself and many others, Windows 7 requires significantly less free HDD space than Snow Leopard to provide optimal performance from Startup to Shutdown. If you have no current use for Windows 7, delete and resize the Windows partition to approximately 7GB (6Gb initial install, run DiskCleaner to remove PageFiles and Hibernation files which reduces installation size to 4.81GB) this should improve Snow Leopard Boot Time, if you don't want to do this, the only other thing i can suggest is to run the Apple Hardware Test, or run every option on the Onyx application

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