Running Classic on G5 PowerMac ??

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by SpaceMusic_Guy, Apr 11, 2006.

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    O.K. I currently have a Dual Gig Quicksilver and am looking to get a PowerMac G5 soon (and no, I'm not going to wait for the Intel's because they WILL NOT run Classic anymore). However, the G5's don't come with Classic in them and I've been told that you can't install OS 9 on the G5's from an install CD.

    I have some older versions of Bryce and Photoshop 6 (w/third party filters that are no longer made) that I still need to use for my Digital Art and Graphics, so I have to have the capability of running Classic on the G5.

    Question is: Can you drag a Classic System Folder from my G4 over to the Hard Drive of the G5 and have it run Classic without any problems ??
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    Powermac G5's support the classic environment within OSX but not booting directly into OS9. The classic system support installer will be on one of your software install Cd's
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    Thanks for the info !! The lady in the Mac Dept. at Microcenter was giving me the impression that when I get a new G5 there is no OS 9 CD to even install Classic.......was saying something about having to "drag" a Classic System Folder from another computer into the G5 to get Classic on there at all......what a pain in the A#$ that would have been.

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