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Running my application in the top right of the menu bar

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Monkaaay, Aug 18, 2007.

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    How can I have my application run in the top right of the menu bar similar to Adium?
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    The application has to have a menu bar icon as part of it's settings. Not every application has one.
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    I can't find a good search query to use in Google to uncover documentation about this. Do you know of any good links I can reference?

    I like how Adium is doing it because it acts as a menu item but doesn't require you to take focus away from the application you're currently working with. I'd like to do something similar.
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    I really need to learn how to use their docs. Thanks for the link!
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    Just some extra stuff:

    To remove the dock icon and make it only available in the menu set LSUIElement in Info.plist to 1

    You can also get NSStatusItems in AppleScript using a addition i made, if anyone wants it just PM me

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