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Running my iBook to my Cassette In my Car

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by sethwerkheiser, May 7, 2004.

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    Can I just get one of those cassette adapters, plug it into my iBook, and play my songs through my car stereo? I don't want to waste my money on an adapter jsut to find out :)
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    Yup. Anything with an audio out of that nature can be used with the casette adapter.
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    good idea. you normally only think of using one of those adapters with portable cd players.
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    And there we have it, the much talked about iPod with color screen, the ability to d/l your photos and your home folder.
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    yes, i use that,and i have salling clicker, so i control it with my cellphone.. it works very well..except that i have to keep the ibook open..

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    sorry, i was just interested to know how you get the cellphone to control the tracks?
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    Isn't it illegal to have a computer open next to you? Just like talking on your cellphone without a carkit?
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    I did this once, without Sailing Clicker though... good thing I had set up a playlist before I went driving, navigating iTunes would have definitely caused a crash!

    Dreadnought: No it's not illegal to use your phone while driving, at least around here in Ohio.

    Souljas: http://homepage.mac.com/jonassalling/Shareware/Clicker/ It's quite a wonderful program :D
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    Theres a software called Salling Clicker, it lets you use your bluetooth enabled cellphone as a remote for your bluetooth enabled mac. Its awesome, to say in one word :) , u can download a demo and see yourself.

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    Only here in Cawl-ee-for-nee-ya (California)...Link
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    Well, it is in Europe! The fine for talking on your cellphone in a driving car is as much as a carkit. (little prank from the government!) Fooling around on your laptop is the same. So make sure you have a playlist all set!
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    If you are running your laptop next to you, you can also use it for navigation! Just thought about that, not bad this late in the night! (local time: 2:35 am)
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    Wow.. thanks for the response guys. I cant wait to try this out. Much better than burning CD's all the time.

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