running with nano?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by twoodcc, Sep 8, 2005.

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    what do you guys think? could i do some serious running with it? i have a shuffle, but i'm thinking about selling it and getting a nano. i run cross-country and track in college, so i'd be doing some pretty fast running. but since it's a flash drive, it should be fine, right?
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    mad jew

    That's why I plan on getting one. I need something sturdier for my runs than the current hard drive based 4G. It'll be fine IMO. :)
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    Should be OK, but be careful not to drop it because of the screen. The shuffle is more durable.
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    yes Nano is a flash basde iPod as well just don't break the screen :D
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    I ran 6 marathons with my shuffle - no problem.


    DO NOT LET THAT THING (nano or shuffle) get sweaty.

    Make sre you get a case - I have the sportcase for my shuffle.
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    i have the sport case for my shuffle as well. i've ran hundreds of miles with it. my question is about the nano. do you think it's a good idea to sell the shuffle for it? it would be my first "real" ipod. will they make a case that's waterproof?

    oh and don't worry, i won't drop it
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    Why sell the shuffle - you won't get much for it...

    Yes, believe me, there will be a running sleeve/case/band (Apple is offering a band already) within weeks.
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    why sell the shuffle?

    remember, i'm in college, so money is tight. my girlfriend was planning on getting her own shuffle, but since the nano is out, i could sell her my shuffle, and then put some more money with it and buy the nano.

    but anyways, would you run with tha nano? if i had to decide now, i would buy the nano
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    I think the shuffle is a better running tool, but I'd still buy the nano.
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    you are right, but i think the nano is a better all-around product. so like when i'm going on trips to races riding on a bus, it's better than the shuffle.

    now i have to decide: black or white?
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    but if i got black, i would stand out, right?

    maybe someone should start a poll on this
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    They already did. And white's the way to go.
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    well i voted, and it looks like everyone's going with black. (well, not everyone, but more are going with black)
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    Those who're going with black (1) think it's the new bling and (2) haven't considered what it's going to look like covered with fingerprints. :)
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    Inspector Lee

    I run 6 days a week (4 miles indoor) with my mini and sweat like a fry cook in the deep south. Haven't had any problems. I run with the basic armband and after the workout the mini goes in the sock (but not before a quick wipe down). Are you saying the salt in your sweat has had ill effects on the finish of your iPod?

    One thing I've noticed though is my neoprene armband absolutely friggin' reeks... like high tide...
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    good grief... i trained for the marine corps marathon- 20+ miles at a time routinely, and never once did my HARD DRIVE BASED iPod skip... this idea that the iPod skips is ridiculous... i've never seen it happen.

    yes, of course the flash will be fine. no, don't get it sweaty or wet.
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    It's flash emory itll be fine. I would get the nano tube for protection incase u get tooo crazy while running.
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    The next shuffle redesign should be made to be waterproof. Seriously, I use a ziploc bag to keep the shuffle from drenching in my delicious sweat.
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    It really depends on the individual, plus the method of carrying. Hip belts/clips seem to be the worst. Armbands are better, and people who report no skips at all often seem to be the ones who carry the iPod in their hands. So just because you've not seen skipping doesn't mean that others don't.
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    You're lucky. I run as much as you and my 3G ipod skipped constantly. I bought a shuffle for my running and I am skip free.

    edit: I also wore an arm band with my hard drive based iPod.
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    No Luck Here

    I have had three ipods now, and all of them have skipped when I run(4-6 miles, indoor and out). Tried armbands, the back mount and just holding in my hand. Holding it is the only way it doesn't skip, but that is really annoying. I love the shuffle for running, and I can see no reason the nano won't be great too.
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    They're all sheep. Cool people buy white.

    I thought pretty hard about it before going with white. Black was tempting though.
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    I think they're being mislead by the photo on Apple's website where the bearer of the nano has no fingerprints! Most of the people getting the black one WILL have fingerprints and they will show all over...
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    Not gonna lie... I just got the black and it is coverent with fingerprints BUT i really do love the color. I went to the applestore and looked at both of them and I liked the black alot more.

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