Russians plan tunnel to Alaska

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Queso, Apr 21, 2007.

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    The Russians are coming!! In an attempt to foster economic growth in Eastern Siberia, the Russians are proposing a $65bn rail tunnel under the Bering Strait to North America. The tunnel would be used for the transfer of energy supplies and freight, and would also incorporate cables for communications and the high-voltage transfer of electricity.

    I would have thought having an undersea tunnel crossing a tectonic fault line a bad idea, but at least it'll give those scared of flying and sailing the capability of getting from London to New York by train :)

    The Times (of London)
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    So they're doing this so that they don't need to use boats to travel that 100 km distance? Surely 100 km by boat isn't a big deal. Just build the high-speed trains to Siberia, and build the high speed train from Alaska to Canada (BC, which already has a train to the US), and scrap the bit about the underwater tunnel.
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    Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. :eek:
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    Jaffa Cake

    How traversable is the Bering Strait year round, though – does it ice up frequently? If so, then I suppose a tunnel would be an attractive prospect as it would guarantee travel between North America-Russia at any time of the year, whatever the weather – tectonic fault lines permitting, of course. ;)
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    There was a lengthy special on Discovery Channel on the possibility of building a highway across the Bering Strait. It's been over a year ago. It's feasible. There's a lot to be considered to deal with the iceflow.
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    Lord Blackadder

    They've been talking about some sort of land connection across the strait for decades, although this is much more ambitious than any I've seen before...

    Hey, it's alot cheaper than the Iraq war...why not?
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    If this goes ahead, I predict a "Disaster in Bering Tunnel" movie not long afterwards.
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    Yeah, but it'll star Tom Cruise so nobody will bother seeing it :p
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    Well, if it has Tom Cruise in it, I think the disaster will be him in the tunnel, as opposed to the tunnel imploding or something.
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    Shhh! Don't tell the French and English.
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    Interesting idea. I like the idea of the tunnel being used to supply oil and gas to the U.S. Anything that lessens our dependance on oil from the Middle East must have some merit. ;)

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    I would only pay if he died in the movie. That thought just brightened up my day. :)
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    Would you pay if his character died, or just if there was an accident on the set and he actually died?
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    It's a moot point. A tunnel disaster movie requires Stallone rappelling through ventilation fans.
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    If there was live footage of his death and it was put in a documentary about Xenu. It would be really great to watch him placed beside a volcano and then blown up by a hydrogen bomb, but then his minions will then call him a martyr and tell us how he just reached the next enlightened Thetan level or something silly.

    I don't want to give Scientologists any fuel for their fire, guess choking on a sausage is the way I'd like to see him die. :p
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    I thought he'd put those rumours to bed :D
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    If it's anything like the Big Dig here in Boston,oh man,what a nightmare that'll be :D :D
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    Analog Kid

    Interesting idea... Siberia's rich in natural resources. Eventually the Russians will figure out that America doesn't have much of a manufacturing economy left anymore and they'll just build a highway to South Asia...
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    They said that with the harsh winters they would only be able to build 4 months a year.
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    This would be a lot more interesting to most people if it wasn't connecting the middle of f*cking nowhere to the middle of f*cking nowhere :D
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    Like Route 66 doesn't do exactly the same thing.:p
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    but route 66 goes through the middle of effing nowhere too
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    Well, uh, it starts on the south side of Chicago, in a part of town I certainly wouldn't call the middle of nowhere.
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    But it also goes through southern Missouri, and being a route that I've driven, probably 100 times, I can say that the extreme middle-of-nowhereness of this part cancels out any middle-of-somethingness that Chicago has :D
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    John Madden will finally be able to go to europe!

    Boom!:D :D :D

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