Russia's President Medvedev with his new MBP

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by e.zaharias, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev speaks in his video blog about the main topics of his state of the nation address at Gorki residence outside Moscow, November 2, 2008. Medvedev said on Sunday he would focus on the world financial crisis and the consequences of the war with Georgia when he makes a key state of the nation speech next week. REUTERS/RIA Novosti/Kremlin/Mikhail Klimentyev (RUSSIA)

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    Nice one.

    But I'm sure that the MBP in fact belongs to Putin, Medvedev just pretends that he's controlling it. I'm naturally talking about the MBP, not about Russia ;)
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    In Russia, MacBook Pro controls you.
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    So, THAT'S who Jobs is supporting.
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    In Medvedev Russia, Bear hunts you!
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    It was necessary to post this.​
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    boy this was moved fast. Is it that crowded in the MBP forum that a general interest item about MBPs can't stay for more than five minutes?
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    Picture Gallery is the appropriate place for a thread like this.
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    Does anyone ever check the picture gallery? I'm sure some do but I thought this would interest more people if not all mac fans. You could at least have left it for more than a few minutes.
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    I check Forum Spy. ;)
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    That explains how I see you in almost any thread I check. Thanks for all the input over the years. Didn't know about Forum Spy. Cool tool. Still I think this was moved in a haste.
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    It's vice versa actually.
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    Don't take it so personally, I found it quite easily. :p

    That said, the comments in here are pretty funny. Wonder why he got it...
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    You're right. It's just that I never bother to post anything and found this to be interesting in the progress apple has made.
    I'm sure many would find this of interest but it also may cast the kremlin as more progressive than some would like and so it becomes political.
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    Would you say that Microsoft has more in common with Russia than Apple? Dunno.

    It's cool to see world leaders using Macs. We never would have seen a picture like this if Russia was still a communist country. Remember how the G5 PowerMacs were restricted from sales to certain countries since it was classified as a supercomputer?
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    Think different.
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    Exactly.. It is so much easier imo to see microsoft in the world scene either because it is pirated or because it is omnipresent in the public sector of every country thanks to great marketing and/or.... let's say it.... bribes to lower level technocrats.

    It's just so cool to have a Medvedev with the latest mac notebook. Would never have happened a few years ago. This is pure first person demand.
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    No way. Currently, it's definitely the other way around.
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    Apple is indeed mighty popular amongst the Russian elite -- like other expensive toys. Boys remain boys. Boys love toys. I've read somewhere an article about the most expensive watches, owned by world' leaders / presidents etc. The dearest one belongs to Silvio Berlusconi -- something like $500.000+. Way to go.
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    Medvedev is also an avid iPhone user.
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    Either that is a secret 19" macbook pro or is it me but he looks quite small.
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    lol, so why does he still have a Dell mouse?

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    yeah, I was just about to say that... it was so recognisable lol.

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