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Ryanair may charge for toilet use

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by rdowns, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Talk about dumping on your customers.


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    what if you have no change?

    what about babies?

    this is the most stupidest idea i have ever heard!!

    next they'll be charging to breathe... or is that included in the price already? ;)
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    Ryanair may wind up with poop in the aisles.
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    I have. :eek:

    Farting will still be free :D

    What in case of emergency when fumbling around for a £1 is the last thing on your mind.

    I would imagine those slots on the door would get jammed with toilet paper pretty quick and people would just hold the door open for others.

    There is only so far you can push people before someone snaps.

    The last time I flew with ryanair my free flights cost me £30. I had to pay £5 so I could pay :eek:

    I hate Ryanair although not as much as I hate Monarch.
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    absolutely disgusting idea, i for one would never fly with them again if they started charging me for going to the loo. what next?! having to pay for a lifejacket in an emergency???

    greedy bastards!
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    I actually saw the interview as it was broadcast. I don't think it was an entirely serious comment, although when called on it by the BBC interviewers he did try and defend the idea by pointing out that you need 20p to have a piss at Liverpool Street station.

    To be honest the whole interview was a farce as the BBC had, not for the first time, it's facts very wrong. They started off giving him a hard time for moving to ban hold luggage. Which is not what they are doing at all: you can still put bags in the hold, but you cannot check-in at the airport.
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    Hmm...somehow I imagine the little coin slot-locked door not stopping changless people from doing their business.

    Just more publicly in barf bags...get money from toilet on one flight, loose it buying extra bags.
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    I don't know what the service is like, but I have never heard anything about Ryanair that would make me want to fly with them.
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    Yeah, but only because the cheapskates need combustible gas to power the engines :D
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    The flight attendants should get a bonus for what they need to clean up off my seat.
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    They still provide free barf bags, right?

    Problem solved.
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    Just wait, there'll be a charge of £1.50 for them next to stop customers using this alternative.
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    It's cheap advertising through news channels.
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    Isn't checking your bags in kind of an essential prerequisite to getting them in the hold? :confused: All other airlines I've flown with don't let you check in online if you have hold baggage (presumably for security) so how exactly will Ryanair manage it?

    Mind you, doesn't matter to me: after a few things I've heard about them recently I'd not fly with them again if you paid me.
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    I've flown with a few airlines that use an automated system (a touch screen system in the airport) that prints out the bag tag, you attach it to your bag and dump it at a dedicated bag drop desk.

    Easy, and actually a lot better than queuing behind some of the numpties I get stuck behind :rolleyes:
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    A lawsuit waiting to happen if there ever was one.

    Theres no way this will work. You can't really keep people from using bathrooms.
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    It's all about the wording.

    They're not keeping anyone from going, just from doing it in the toilet.

    Big difference (for all the passengers, I must say).
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    Well they're not really, they're just charging. I suppose the same could be said about charging for public toilets?

    Or would it fall under a different category because you're in a confined space up in the air with no alternative?
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    That would be it.
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    Not surprising. Question is, how long until Mr. O'Leary pulls a charge for leaving through an emergency exit out of his magic hat?
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    "[Abstract], did you eat a lot of peanuts and corn before you got on the airplane?"

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    I gave Ryanair £20. They flew me from East Midlands Airport (which is very local) to Dublin (where I wanted to go) on time. I had a row of three seats to myself both ways. I was able to walk straight through to security, and off the plane straight out the airport. The plane was clean, on time, comfortable.

    For £20 - I don't know what more people could ask for. I think their current level of charging is just about justified- you take more, you pay more. Simple. I would balk at a quid for a visit to the bog however. That would make me look elsewhere, just on principle. It would be annoying - as other airlines aren't quite as cheap or convenient for the flights I make.
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    Thanks b3ta.
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    With every airline I've flown, you can still check in online, but when you get to the airport, you have to use an automated kiosks or check-in person to tag your baggage and take it.

    Since you still have to do that with online checkin, there's no real advantage to checking in online if you have checked baggage, except for Southwest Airlines, where the people who check in earliest get to board earliest and get a better selection of seats. But OLCI is great if you just have carryon, as you can print your boarding pass at home and head straight to security when you arrive at the airport.

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