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Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by southbark, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Was curious who was going to the apple store at arden fair mall
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    I have a bit of a hectic schedule that day, but I might be able to make it.
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    I am considering going, but I was wondering if their are any stores in Folsom that may have the update on the 26th...?
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    Which stores in Folsom carry Apple products? I'm new to the area, so I have no idea.
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    I'm not sure, but I was thinking that Best Buy or Office Depot may have the upgrade. These stores are off of East Bidwell, not from from hwy 50.
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    I may try to get down there a bit before 6, but it will depend on what else I have to do that day.
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    I am going at 5, with a friend to get the T-SHIRT!
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    I'm going to try to be there before 6

    If I can take off work a few minutes early I'm going to try to be there a little before 6 to get my :apple: shirt.
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    I'll try to be there.
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    ill try to make it... plan on buying a 24in alum imac that day also.. mabey i can get it before 6pm in my box then? would be cool
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    If you're buying a new IMac, then you will have a big day! I've had mine now since the day of release, and I love it! Getting a new OS on it will make it like new again!
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    I'm sure I'll be there. I'd like to get the shirt.
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    How will we be able to tell if were a Mac Rumors member? Wear a sticker? :p
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    lets meet in Victoria Secret at 4:30
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    Hahah! Or how about putting a post it on your back or Macbook?:eek:
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    for those who may be curious.... 500 Apple shirts will be given out on Friday... or this is what i have heard from a "friend in the know"
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    hmm I bought it online so I guess I will be excluded from this event :) makes no sense paying $100 lol
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    I'll try to be there around 5:30
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    A friend of mine is getting there about 4:00, and he's going to hold a place for me in line. I'm hoping to be there by 5:00. All this for a tee-shirt!:p
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    So how are we going to know who's who at the mall. A sign maybe or name tags??
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    I will be on my Macbook along side my friend on an iBook, we will most likely be first in line :) Getting there at 3:00
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    I'm going to avoid the line and go to the Best Buy down the street from the mall. Don't let me be the only one.
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    I called Best Buy in Folsom and they said they aren't going to have Leopard.
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    Fry's will have it for $119 at 6pm. Arden Fair is around the corner from my job so i'll be showing up there after work. Gotta get a the T-Shirt :) See you guys there.
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    One of my co-workers is arriving at 4:00(ish) and will be saving my place in line. It would be cool to say hi to fellow MacRumors readers!

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