Safari 1.0 at WWDC?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 14, 2003.

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    #1 claims that Safari final will be arriving at WWDC:

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    Cool!! Completely forgot i was using a beta still.
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    I hope they fix issues with Hotmail and other .NET compatability issues.
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    i personally don't care what it's called... it's more about what it has and doesn't have... let's hope we can attach photos to email (yahoo) and to posts here using safari... as of yet i still can't do that
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    There's still an issue with the flash player. When you mouseover a button then move off of it, the finger cursor doesnt change. It gets annoying sometimes, being that I'm a Flash user. Also, the 60-second timeout is annoying; I can't upload files for my webpages using Safari (I have 56k, therefore the upload time is slow).

    Isn't it funny how Safari 1.0 would rival IE 5.2 and Netscape 7; it's only gonna get better. [​IMG]
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    That is really funny. Apple's first post-beta version will out do both of those browsers. Seriously, I am on the web all the time, go to a lot of websites (although I do not use it for email, so i don't know about photo attachment problems and such) but I can say that i have experienced very very few problems. Like one poster has already said, I barely know that I am using a beta. :)

    A WWDC with a 1.0 Safari release, a 970 Powermac, a Panther's like a new MacWorld. :)
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    Yeah, I was thinking about that this morning. Safari already is better than either of those two browsers in terms of features. Sure there are bugs, but it's getting better. Among other things, the phrase "pop-up ad" has no more meaning for me.
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    I hope they fix it so I can use it to do banking/online ordering. Thats pretty much the only reason I ever use IE anymore.
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    Mr. Anderson

    I'm sure if they're going to offer a complete version and not a beta, Apple will make sure its capable of doing everything it needs to.

    I look forward to seeing what will be added/upgraded from the current beta version...

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    welcome to the 'notimeout' safari! :)

    BTW, one person noted that they can't upload files on the boards, I can, and I have since upgrading to the latest version...
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    What does that mean :D
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    Not really. Both Netscape and IE have been around for a lot longer than Safari, so of course their version numbers are higher. :rolleyes:
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    I think the emphasis here was on the word "rival". :rolleyes:
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    If they just fix the SSL issue and some minor JavaScript problems I'll be very happy.
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    I've been able to attach files to Yahoo! email messages and post to MacRumors using Safari. No issues.

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    I love Safari. No pop-up ads. Needs SSL fixes, and a little bit better implementation of tabs (I would like to open a SINGLE bookmark in a new tab, danke), better download manager, history management, and some Java/Flash/Video (such as WMP) compatibility....but damn...aren't we all impressed, on the scale of things, how good this software is for how young it is?

    Three cheers for MS-Free Apple! Hip hip (hooray!) hip hip (hooray!)

    Do I sound cheerleader enough? I guess in all the uncertain anticipation with the 970 I'm just glad to have something semi-concrete to be assuredly happy about.
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    Yeah, me too...I don't know what that other person was saying...upgrade, I suggest
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    Why was this moved to Page 2? I like it when stories go from Page 2 to the Front Page, not the other way around. :)
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    Jerry Spoon

    I still have to use IE at work b/c they won't let me upgrade to OSX until after the new fiscal year. You don't realize how nice no pop-ups are in Safari until you have to go in and experience them everyday at work. Oh well. One more reason to look forward to going home.
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    While it's cool in principle ...

    that Apple make their own browser, it has too many issues for me yet. Notably with Java. I'm sticking with Camino which has taken over the single best (IMHO) feature of Safari: Bookmark management. Speed? Well, Camino is faster for me. Question of taste, of course. I'm curious what Phoenix will become. The latest version of Mozilla didn't impress me. Browser crashes... wow, haven't had that since... ah, long time.
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    I don't understand what you mean. I click the "bookmarks" button, then right-click a bookmark and select "Open in New Tab" and it works just fine (then click the bookmark button again to get back to my previous page).

    The only thing missing is clicking a middle-button or Command-clicking within the Bookmarks pane to open in a new window ...
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    there are still pages on my college's server with articles, databases, and the like that don't come up in safari (blank page). A fix for that is all I need now from Safari. :)
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    Re: Safari 1.0 at WWDC?

    IMHO, it really has to. Follow me here:

    When Safari debuted, Apple said that developers would be able to use WebCore in their own apps when Safari goes 1.0.

    Apple subsequently said that you shouldn't even try to use WebCore in your apps until it is 1.0.

    A quick browse through iTunes 4 doesn't show WebCore shared library, but most developers suspect Apple has it linked in statically (it would be downright foolish to build a browser into iTunes from scratch when WebCore is right there!).

    So, WebCore and the associated dev kit should be released for other developers ASAP. WWDC would be a decent place to introduce it (although simultaneous with iTunes4 would have been better). In fact, I strongly suspect that if WWDC gets too far along with no WebCore official release there might be a mini riot in the lunch room. And that would be Very Bad for Apple. I mean, you get those pencil protectors and horn-rimmed glasses whipping across a convention room floor and someone could lose their eye!
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    like an above poster said, i would like to see the tabs work a little better.

    but so far, i love safari! :)
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    I had problems using Safari to setup my router. It would not work well and I thought I'd give IE a try. IE worked like a champ. Glad I didn't delete it. But, I still use Safari for everyday browsing. Gotta love the tabbed browsing. Can't live without it.

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