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Safari 1.2 Details

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Feb 10, 2004.

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    David Hyatt posts a detailed log of improvements that can be found in Safari 1.2.

    Changes cover LiveConnect, Downloads, Printing, Accessibility, CSS, DHTML, Caching and more...

    Safari 1.2 was recently released by Apple for Mac OS X 10.3 users.
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    Safari and printing

    The biggest difference for me is the printing -- it finally works!

    And my banking works just fine -- has since 1.1.
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    Now that I can tab to menuboxes and radio buttons, I'm happy.
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    I want Safari to support the viewing of PDFs in the browser and nativly. I use the PDF plug-in now but I can't print PDFs from the browser...I just get blank pages.
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    Now if they would only fix the issue of having to use Internet Explorer for online banking.
    With no IE updates coming and Safari unable to be used for my online transactions, I get increasing apprehensive about continuing to do "secure" online activity with IE.Safari needs to do everything 100% as well as IE or else it will never completely replace it. Sooner or later people will either be forced to stop doing secure online business where IE is required or we will all need two machines, one with Windows and IE and our Macs with Safari. Sooner or later, someone is going to exploit a gaping hole in IE5 for Mac and we will be forced to fully retire it.
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    And, conveniently, it also screws up some websites that had been working properly prior to 1.2 (and do work properly in gecko-based, IE, etc...)

    nfldraftblitz is one such site. The text is all gone now!!!
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    Why not use the Preview application? It's much faster and prints just fine.
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    what about the new bugs?

    i've got 2 macs running panther and safari 1.2 both have the same tabs issue. it's impossible to tell if a tab will open or if it will decide not to show up. this is only an issue when 'always show tab bar' is not checked.

    occasionally (pretty often actually) the tab bar just decides to stay hidden.
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    Before jumping to conclusions about Safari being to blame, you might want to do some snooping on the site. It might be a Safari bug, or it might be a web site bug that, up until now, Safari was able to make up for the incorrect code.

    A little known fact about Mozilla, and many other browsers, is that they have multiple render modes for HTML. They look at the structure of the document, the DTD, and any legacy support and will render a page in either "Standards Compliance Mode" or "Quirks Mode." If the web site was able to fool Safari into thinking it was Standards compliant, but it was actually Quirky (wrong), then you _might_ end up with what you are seeing.
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    You need to write the authors of the web site. There is no reason why Safari can't run any banking web site out there. It's the result of legacy code either not identifying the feature set of a browser correctly, or simply blocking anything but a small subset of browsers.

    Web programmers often make the mistake of coding a page to only work in IE, when all they really want to say (in their code) is that they require feature "X". When a new browser comes out that supports feature "X", but is blocked in the scripts instead of asking if the browser supports feature "X", you get the problem you're seeing on your bank web sites.

    So write the web site and kindly ask them to get their act together. In Safari's defense, I can log on to my banking web sites... and they total 5 individual vendors.
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    i bank with wachovia just fine with safari... manage multiple accounts and transfer money between, pay bills and use it for an ameritrade account....
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    Safari looking like IE...

    You might try adding the debug menu to Safari.

    Then select the USER AGENT as IE something (Mac 5.2 or Win 6.0). Or just have Safari select automatically.

    I found that most sites that didn't work because they check for IE, now do because Safari looks like IE.

    Works for me! :)

    ...of course you could always respectfully suggest to the sites that don't work that maybe they could alter their code to allow Safari to work.

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    Re: Safari looking like IE...

    Thats funny, and if we ask the game companys respectfully that they will port all games to the mac at the same time it comes out for the PC
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    Safari can't print anything that's being viewed through plugins afaik. You can print PDF from safari by bringing up the contextual menu on the pdf (control-click) or use the menu triangle right above the vertical scrollbar.
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    Re: Safari looking like IE...

    I've thought about doing this but at the same time... I want them to know that I'm using Safari. If every browser identifies itself as IE then why *should* they write code for standards compliant browsers if they think you're using IE? I would suggest that you run it identifying as Safari and if it doesn't work, try it identifying as IE. If that works then e-mail the webmaster to get them to change it. Then switch it back to Safari.
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    If you want this feature now try this pdf Safari plug in:

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    Re: Re: Safari looking like IE...


    Right now, I am letting Safari identify itself.

    Only when I have a problem do I switch.

    ...well, sometimes I forget. But for the most part, that is what I do. And with the IE workaround, I haven't had trouble with any sites...knock on wood!

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    How do you get the PDF to show in Preview automatically? I would rather not have to hunt for it on the desktop and double-click it.
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    That's simply the cost of entry into the browser market. I work in the software industry and I know what a bug is - anything software does that doesn't meet the customer's expectations.
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    For the love of God, add cache control, Apple! Maybe it's a coincidence, but since installing 1.2 I have to constantly manually refresh most of the forums I visit to see updated threads and topics. Why can't they just add an option to check for a new version of a page each time, like every single other browser out there... *sigh*:rolleyes:
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    I second those who had sites that worked fine before Safari 1.2 but now don't. I've found three such sites, one is JAVA intensive so it may be the JAVA update on that one.
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    Looks like I'm one of the happy guys who can use my internet banking and another Java heavy site since Safari 1.2 without any problems. Didn't work at all with Safari 1.1.
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    Re: Safari looking like IE...

    After switching to IE spoofing, my online banking works. Now that I know this. I will be sure to contact them to ask them to allow Safari users rather than having to spoof everytime I want to log on. The best part of this is knowing that I don't need to use IE anymore. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!! Do the dance of joy!!!!
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    I love 1.2, but the decision to make the delete key function as a back button is the bane of my existence. I know thats how other browsers do it, but it's a poor design decision that shouldn't be repeated just because a vocal group of people want it.
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    I used to have this plug in with Jaguar and it was great, but it just seems obsolete now with the speed that PDFs get opened in Panther. Or does it have some other nifty features I never found out about?

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