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Safari 5.2 No Activity Window? How to download from YouTube now?

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by DeLoMan, Mar 29, 2012.

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    With the version of Safari included in DP2, there is no longer an activity window in Safari that can be used to copy YouTube video addresses to download them. Any other suggestions for saving YouTube videos now? Thanks in advance!
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    You could use KeepVid, or you could use ClickToFlash, or you could use ClipGrab, and all of these are free.
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    GREAT tip on KeepVid. Thanks for the help!
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    Safari 5.2 beta on Lion has the Activity Window, I can't believe they have removed this feature, I use it a lot for web development, have you try the keyboard shortcut?

    CMD + OPTION + A
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    The latest 5.2 beta for Lion removed it from the menu and changed the keyboard shortcut to simply open the Web Inspector. Super depressing, because I used it to download all sorts of flash videos to convert to mp4s, not just youtube.
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    you have tried all the suggestions in post 2?
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    I don't get why they're removing features. First they yank RSS, now Activity window is gone too. But TopSites remain :rolleyes:
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    I don't want to have to go to another website to download a video from another, and the clicktoflash plugin has never been remotely consistent in functionality; some days its flawless, the next and I suddenly can't load a single flash video anywhere on the web.
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    Are you guys serious? This is actually the first removed feature I have been disappointed about. This exact feature is the only reason I ever open Safari any more.
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    1 Donwloaded Safari 5.2 Beta 2
    2 Open Safary and tried the shortcut
    3 ?????
    4 No activity window!


    I feel like these guys that don't like Mission Control :(
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    can anyone on 5.2 with click2flash confirm atleast that method still works
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    I'm using 5.2 on Lion and it's all there, thank God.

    If it will be gone on 10.8, I will most certainly kiss Safari goodbye as my favorite Mac browser.
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    Why would Apple remove it?

    Sometimes I wonder if they just see how much they can take the piss and get away with it.
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    You aren't using the latest 5.2 beta for Lion then. The second release, the most current, removes the feature in 10.7 as well.
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    People with dev access should complain to Apple.
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    It's still there.
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    Mr. Retrofire

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    Ah, thanks! I was in fact on ML DP1. Had to go into my DP2 partition and it actually wasn't there. I wonder if it's actually gone or they'll add it back.
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    Thank you for clarification.

    There goes my very favorite feature. :rolleyes:
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    hey man, the inspector network tab does the same thing but with more info, much better in my opinion.

    I don't know how to directly download from network though
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    Its pretty easy to do it
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    i like FastestTube its very good for download from youtube


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