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Safari developer David Hyatt has attacked Internet Explorer ...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 20, 2004.

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    Good for Dave to bring attention to this problem. I always run my HTML through the W3C's validator, but thousands of those sites out there are absolutely horrible.
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    i am no exspert i dont even intend to be. but i try and make my website be able to work on safari ie mozila opera netscape all the big name ones at least. the one that fs up th emost is ie always somthing wrong with this or that maybe its just me i dont know.
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    Do this count for all sites that wont let me use Safari? I think this is reaching. Why not do the same thing for Safari as they are doing for IE, if at all they are doing anything wrong.

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    IE let's it look okay even with errors, whilist Safari wants everything to be valid to render properly.

    Alot of times validating your code with validator.w3.org helps optimize it, which is another advantage!
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    Those sites don't let you use Safari because they are using browser sniffers to look for certain browsers, usually WinIE. It's the fault of lazy developers who code to MS standards instead of web standards.

    Why are you defending IE?
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    This article quotes him out of context. His blog is worth looking at as well.


    The quotes are taken from his entry on January 18. Other entries since then clarify his position further.
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    quotes are out of context.

    Still just because it looks good in WIN-IE doesn't mean its standard compliant.

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