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Safari GM?

Discussion in 'Mac Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, May 27, 2003.

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    There are reports that Safari v78 is Gold Master (GM) and have been seen in the wild. According to MacBidouille each version distributed to seeders had a unique id associated with it... to help find the source of the ongoing leaks.
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    GM or not, the development goes on anyway...

    Every new release of Safari is a good thing, but the GM designation is essentially meanginless to me--no more than a minor item of interest. (The resulting appearance of Safari as the default on new Macs would be a nice step, though.)

    Before GM:

    Safari is stable, full-featured, and free. But will still periodically get further enhancements, features and fixes.

    After GM:

    Safari is stable, full-featured, and free. But will still periodically get further enhancements, features and fixes.

    Conclusion: it hardly matters what does or doesn't change for the GM. Development will go on, and Apple will keep listening to feedback. GM doesn't mean the product is "final" because software NEVER needs to cease evolving.
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    hmmm... I hope they fix a few bugs in it in this GM - i can open emails but not reply to them
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    Before GM, software is evolving rapidly, when it becomes GM, ie version 1.0, the path is set and the programme won't be updated till version 1.1 which will be months afer the initial release.

    So, I'm happy with it being a beta (ie heaps of changes and updates). But as nagromme pointed out, it really doesn't make that much difference. We've already got the programme.

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    Actually, it does matter for some of us. Several websites, aka wellsfargo, do not let you log on to secure portions of their site if you're not using one of their "approved browers". They refuse to "approve" a browser until it's out of beta testing.

    EDIT: Okay, evidently now you can log onto wellsfargo with Safari. Guess they changed that rule.

    "Even logic must give way to physics" - Spock
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    The Safari GM also says:

    1.0 Beta 3 (v78 NIP: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)
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    Wells Fargo started to accept Safari after the last update (I believe). I'm not sure of the reason. I know that I sent them several emails asking them to upgrade their website to be compatible with Safari.:)
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    Wells Fargo website sucks for a lot of different browsers, Mac or otherwise. 1 or 2 years ago when they changed everything to work basically only with IE for Windows, some of their customers left over it. They are slowly realising that to compete in the market, they have to have a viale online presence. They have just been VERY slow to figure it out :mad:
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    Download safari enhancer, it basically allows you to spoof other browsers through the debug menu.

    It is a very useful tool.
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    If you do that it doesn't address the problem. That function is built-in to Opera as well. What would happen if every Opera user set it to say it was IE. MS would still be the dominant browser based upon hits. To get companies to support other browsers they need to see users using them, and masking what you really use does not accomplish that.
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    im glad they put a unique id in there, somone is gonna have their ass handed to them if this is out on the web.

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    well to bad its already spreading like crazy, I feel for the guys who will lose there ADC connection pass..........dumbmass'
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    Dale Sorel

    Sorry folks, the v78 that's available is a fake.

    Old news ;)
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    I have it, and I noticed a few features that weren't there before:

    Like extra bookmark options "edit name" "edit contents" when you right-click on the bookmark bar items.

    Maybe these were here earlier and I didn't notice... discuss.
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    it's in the v74 already

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    how did you come to this conclusion?

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    Dale Sorel

    Because it ain't got stuff it's supposed to i.e. spellcheck sticking and option for bookmark folders.
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    so someone just stripped the safari app, can you even do that?

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    i played around with it a bit.
    And yes, a window can be easily created in MainMenu.nib and you can link the "About" menu item to the window.
    Now when i choose "About" Safari shows the window i made with "2.0 beta 3 (v88)" on it.
    Who wants Safari 2? :D
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    i gotcha, what about the unique id?

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    I am not part of the seeding program, so I have no idea if the format of the id is correct.
    And even if the format is correct, it may as well be generated.
    Perhaps Apple did this on purpose?
    That's beyond me :)
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