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Discussion in 'Community' started by theranch, May 18, 2003.

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    Can anyone give me an idea of the salary range for a Mac Genius...OR if any of you are Apple Techs what is the salary range? I'm doing some research on this field.
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    I don't think anybody knows. They're kept in a small cage all day while Jobs pokes them with sharp sticks and insults their typing speed.
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    I'd say it's pretty dependent on geography. Off the top of my head, I'd say 35k - 50k a year, but I'm just pulling those numbers out of the air based on what I know of tech salaries in general.
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    It would be interesting to know. The mecca for a Mac Genuis is Cupertino, I'm sure that Steve compensates them very well. A Genuis can be hard to get along with though! :p
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    That is absolutely correct. You might try ....
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    Well now, that's a very cool website! Unfortunately I found out that I'm only being paid half of what I should be. :rolleyes: I'll be back...going to do more job searching over on Monster...LOL
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    thanks but...

    Thanks but I know from searching on that site in the past that the results can vary and the job descriptions aren't always accurate.
    I was hoping to get a better feel for the range of an actual Apple Tech or "Genius".
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    i am a pc tech for one pays more than mac techs and the work is more common and clients much more numerous

    don't try and make it being any sort of mac guru or tech for your sole source of income...unless you are robin williams the mac guru

    also remember macs are much more intuitive than pcs, so many non techs figure stuff out on their own without the need for a mac tech
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    good point...

    That is a very good point...I was planning on taking a course to prepare for the MCSA or MCSE tests but decided to wait to research the Apple end of things(since I know them alot more).
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    Re: good point...

    i would love to see the tech certification industry come up with a long winded 6 or 7 test apple server certification that could hold a candle in pay and prestige to the MCSE or cisco's CCNP and CCIE...but there would not be the need for that type of thing

    i seem to know all the mac users in my town, and notice them with their window stickers, patches, and handful of mac mags at a bookstore, but besides that...we are only five percent of the computing population and perhaps less than 2 percent of all machines being sold now

    where i live south of san jose, i know of no mac techs who are certified (maybe only one)...but i do know of microsoft, novell, compTIA, and cisco techies...the need is there for those technologies...not so much for novell or cisco anymore but those will eventually come back...i think

    but for sure, apple won't get enough switchers to make a difference and unless mac os and apple hardware becomes bad all of a sudden, the need for apple certified techs won't increase

    i know what you can do...he he...write a letter to sj and tell him to make os x suck pond water and build macs from left over packard bell parts;)

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