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Salt Lake City, UT (Gateway Apple Store)

Discussion in 'iPhone Launch Meetups' started by fossen, Jun 16, 2010.

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    I'll be at the Gateway Apple Store on the 24th, with no reservation.

    Anyone with experience there about how long the lines are and how early is "early enough", I'd love to hear! :)

    But I'm thinking 5:30 or so? Don't care about being near the front of the line, I just want to be able to get a phone.
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    5:30 am? I would imagine the line wont be too long at that time. There will definitely be a few. I'm planning to be there at 6 am. But I've got a reservation. :D
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    Same boat here no reservation. Am hoping since it's a weekday it might be a little less painless.

    But i'm wondering if there is even going to be any extras at all hmm....
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    I've got a reservation, and I'll probably get there around 6. I have nothing better to do. I'll bring my MacBook Pro and stream the World Cup via MyWi on my 3G :D
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    I'm gonna be there at 5am instead. Reservation line. Bringing my little (19) bro. See you guys there.
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    I'm heading over to the beigeway around 6:00am for the reservation line.

    Planning on getting a second phone for my wife as well. We currently have separate lines -- anyone know whether its best to get the family plan setup today in advance, or whether I can just take care of it there?

    Hope to see some of you there -- I'm the guy with the command key tattoo'd on my arm, come say hi!
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    Haha, actually... the command symbol would make an awesome tattoo - - less of a "fanboy" statement than an inside joke. Won't be getting there till about 9AM after class though, so no luck.

    You should be okay setting up a family plan through Apple, but it might take some time, Apple's systems never interact well with AT&T's - last year I wasn't allowed to purchase my iPhone 3GS because I wasn't the primary account holder and Apple couldn't access AT&T's system to see that I was an authorized user.
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    Hey if anyone at the slc location would like to trade their 16 GB reservation for my 32GB reservation let me know. I'll be walking around with a sign that says just that :)

    I'll be checking this forum periodically and if you are interested, tell me where to meet you around the apple store and what you're wearing and we'll do business.

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