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Salt Lake City, UT

Discussion in 'iPhone Purchaser Meetups' started by ootdoo, Jun 14, 2008.

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    Anybody waiting it out at the Apple store at the Gateway?
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    I'm in. What time sound wise?
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    Actually, go to any AT&T Store. I went to the one in Sandy last time at around 4:00 and still got within the first 20 people. That was when it came out at 6.
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    There is an ATT store accross the street from my place in Pleasant Grove so I'll just head on over there.
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    I'll be at work during the day, but will have my brother hold a spot in line for me, and will be there around 5:10 or 5:15 (after work).
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    sorry I'm new at this waiting in line thing, but what time does it officially go on sale 6 am or pm?
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    I'm not sure I've seen it for the iPhone 3G, but the original iPhone came out at 6 PM (the idea being that people could get off work and go buy it).
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    Hell Yeah!

    Im in, however I don't have AT&T yet, so I might have to head to one of their stores and figure out what im doing. Then again, maybe I'll just go to the Gateway and wait in line dreaming of fast internet speeds and GPS! I only hope that the SDK will lead developers to flash support and bluetooth file transfers!! I'm also stolked about Slingbox for the iPhone due this fall. Forget AT&T tv.

    What time are you all thinking of showing up? AT&T stores and the only Apple store?
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    Seriously, if you can, go to an AT&T Store if you are switching. It will be way more personalized. The Apple Store is probably going to be way bad. Believe me, I went to an AT&T Store for the first one and got good placement. Guess where you will find me this time? Same AT&T Store. :)
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    no sleep over?

    So if it's a PM release, there will be no need to sleepover to have a place in line? Several hours before the release is sufficient? :eek:
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    That depends on if you want to get the experience or not.;)
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    So I guess people will be camping out now that there is a 8 AM release...
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    Gateway Apple Store Camp out.

    So lets do it - Gateway Apple Store.
    Arrive Thursday night, late.
    Bring beverages ;) music, and any other entertainment.(I'll bring my fire juggling balls)
    Maybe we should get KRCL to broadcast live from the street so we can be entertained too.

    Oh and of course bring your current generation iPhones, so we can send Twitter updates.

    Then Once the store opens, get in, make the purchase, then go to work to play with new toy all day.
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    im in Layton and thought about going to the SLC apple store to purchase the 3g but im about 2 miles from a AT&T store. An at&t rep says im eligible for the 199/299 but online it says im not eligible for an upgrade so im torn between going to the at&t store or going to the apple store, gonna call my closest at&t store tomorrow and see what they tell me about being eligible.
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    I can't decide if I should go to the nearest AT&T (~90 miles) or the nearest Apple store (~150 miles to The Gateway). Either way it's going to be a long drive...

    EDIT: Just realized that it's odd that I don't have a local AT&T store, but I have AT&T (not partner) service here. That's what I get for living in the middle of nowhere.
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    You must be south past Payson or something, not an exciting drive.
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    Has anyone heard about how popular the launch is going to be here in Salt Lake or have some experience to share from last year? I would really prefer to sleep in my bed and stroll down to the Gateway around 7:45, but I really want to make sure I can get a black 16 GB phone. I called the AT&T store and the guy there said they are expecting about twice as many people as they had last year, but he didn't say what that was based on.

    Also does anyone know if the bookstore up at the U of U will have them for launch?
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    i was kinda wondering the same thing, on the 10th and 11th i plan on driving by my closest at&t store through the night to see if theres a line forming or not, if so i'll pack up my lawn chair and ipod and join em.
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    I'm just planning on camping out. I just am worried that there will be problems with that. This is because I remember that during the original iPhone launch, some people were kicked out of the line because you couldn't stay overnight. I think that might have been New York, however.
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    Did anyone here go to the Gateway store last year ? And if so how was it, how was the line, and did they have enough phones ?
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    i'm in for camping out.
    but if you check last years thread...
    some guy got kicked out of the gateway the night before that tried to sleep there.
    if were gunna do it lets do it right.
    someone needs to check with the apple store and with the mall security.
    and i say we get like 25 people there.
    with me, optophobia and gusapple...
    that makes 3.
    who else is in?
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    Sounds good. If anyone gets any info from the Apple Store or Mall Security, please post.
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    I made a call to the apple store this morning, and they said last year the people that got kicked out of the mall just moved the line from the front of the store to the back, where its city property.
    if we absolutely needed to we could just do the same.
    i might head out to the mall tonight...
    and if i do i'll see if i can talk to someone with security.
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    It's a date

    Well it sounds like there is a jolly bunch that is going to be camping out the night before, lets just hope too many people don't show up at 6 pm the day before haha. If I am camping out I want to at least be near the Apple Store and not stringed in the line back to the Old Navy store. So I agree lets meet up late Thursday night and party until 8 am! Lawn chairs, dvd players, beverages, the works. See ya all there!

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