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Sam Is Dead

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by iHateWindows, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Looks like Paris Hilton in 30 years.
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    ..no, more like now.
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    That is one scary picture. :eek:
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    RIP sam, u chased us in our dreams and made us pitch up in sweat breaking fear....u will be missed

    *sad song plays in the background whiles hundreds of MR members leave the grave crying*

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    I'm not crying, I'm rejoicing.
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    :eek: You meanie!!! :mad:
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    Chip NoVaMac


    Not if you saw the TV news of this poor animal. Yes, he was loved by his owners - but his quality of life was diminished. My take in looking at him on TV was one of a dog that was fearful and in pain. He is in a better place now I pray.
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    I bet he had an awesome personality. He will be missed for his laughs and jolly sharp wit.
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    Looks like its been dead for a while...:eek:
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    Aww indeed it is sad that this animal died:( ...but if i looked like him:eek: i would want to aswell!!!
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    Not Sam!!!!!!!!!
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    Christ that's an ugly dog.
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    Wait... it was real dog? I saw it once and thought it was some kind of ****ed up, 'straight out of a horror movie' type of, photoshop job or an actual shot from some horror movie.

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    Thank God, it served its purpose in life to be the ugliest dog on earth.

    "It's ok now, he's dead, he's never coming back" (scary movie where the monster dies and the mom comforts the child)
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    *falls on floor laughing*
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    Poor Father Jack misses his dog, they always say that owners look like their pets.

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    It was probably for the best.
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    yak!! that look so freak XD

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