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Samsung announced the Galaxy Round with curved screen

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by mclld, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. mclld, Oct 8, 2013
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    go home samsung... you're drunk
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    ahh...that's one ugly phone. Would jab you in the ass if you put in back pocket.
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    And this thing deserves to exist because... ???
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    Somehow I don't see this as a legit photo. This makes zero sense. If you place it on a flat surface, it'll have tendency to rock back and forth and be impossible to touch the screen properly. It won't fit in a pocket very nicely. Trying to put a screen protector on that would be an exercise in futility! (Can you imagine trying to squeegy that!)

    Sorry, but I can't see this as real. On the flip side, why the hell didn't they use this for their watch! Make the screen 2" wide and 1.5" high that curves around the wrist. Similar to those fake images we have seen of that clear iWatch.

    Sorry Samsung, but you are losing my business.
  7. rhinosrcool, Oct 8, 2013
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    To think that I was waiting until the 11th to get my Note 3. Now, I can wait longer and get this! Oh wait....

    What's the benefit? Seriously, I don't get it.:confused:

    By sliding your either your palm or the side of your hand, can you do a screen capture?

    A wallet case will be weird.

    If you put it in your front pocket, won't there be a bulge?
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    Good thing about Samsung they can just make whatever and if it doesnt sell then no big deal..next product! Sometimes they make good, other times not.
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    And a few fuss about Apple iPhone staying the same for a while lol isn't this an S4? just like the Note 3 is an over sized S4 Just like the Samsung Mega etc...
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    The watch idea makes sense.
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    If you put it in your front pockets, in theory the curvature will make having a large screen less awkward.

    You really shouldn't stick a smartphone in a back pocket.
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    No thanks.
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    Me First Me First Me First
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    Can you actually roll this thing to form a circle?:p
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    Did you watch the video?

    I like how you're put off Samsung over one device that you do not like. :rolleyes:
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    "The potential benefit of this screen technology isn't quite clear yet, but Samsung is touting a new feature called "Round Interaction," which allows you to look at information such as missed calls, battery life, and the date and time when you tilt it on a flat surface with the screen off."

    Is this really a problem? Is it becoming too difficult for people to look down at their phone laying on a flat surface when something comes in or even *gasp* pick it up and look at it? I wonder if Samsung actually has an R&D dept, or if they just produce and release anything a member of the design team sketches out hoping it sticks :confused:
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    Some people forgetting that it isn't even for our market. Different markets, different demand. Like Japanese, their 'keitai' needs to be a flip phone with focus on camera, we love smart phones and the Chinese love Dual Sim too .....

    You don't like it - don't import it. :)
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    It's not one device. Since the S3 (which I was one of the very first owners of) Samsung has moved away from what made the S3 so great. And I abhor Touchwiz. It was bad with the S3 and has become completely over bloated with crap. Samung is trying to shove their own crapware down everyone's throat (Kies is god awful as an iTunes clone). And for the record, my family has two S3's, a Note 2, and a Note 8. So, I am very familiar with Samsung products. And my opinion of a curved display like this one (regardless of manufacturer) stands. There are places for a curved panel, but a phone is not one of them.
  19. Vesselam, Oct 9, 2013
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    Dramatic, much? lol.

    Look, I don't care for the device either, but it's not like they're going to stop producing their flagships like the Galaxy S series and the Note series and their tablets (which seem to be increasing in popularity -- the "Galaxy" branding is really paying off).

    What does this one phone they put out do to you exactly? You're not forced to buy it. Heck, it's, so far, available only in Korea.

    There is no harm done with Samsung experimenting. In many ways, this is a natural progression -- they went from curved OLED televisions (those are gorgeous, have you seen them?) to curve smartphones. I get it. Maybe this is purely a move to show the world they can do something like this. I don't know.

    And they clearly can -- meaning, they have the tech to do so, but also the financial backing. What do we have to lose for them experimenting? Absolutely nothing. What other manufacturer is doing what Samsung (and to some extent, LG) is doing? Certainly not a certain fruit company...

    I said this before:


    Anyway, back to point... I wouldn't bother to get this phone personally, either.

    Is the display the oft talked about flexible display? Meaning it's more shatter-proof? I feel like Samsung and LG are in a race to make this technology popular.

    Sounds like their TV race. Go them. It's nice to see that despite clearly rising to the top spot as an Android OEM, Samsung isn't resting on their laurels.
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    Digital Skunk

    NO! Only the spoiled, sheltered American iPhone user opinion matters. And our opinions come directly from the all mighty Apple, so tall skinny phones to match our tall skinny jeans and tall skinny lattes are all that needs to be made. Besides thinking different is SO 90's

    Seriously though I agree. Samsung does push concepts out that most companies would just leave on the design floor, but it's a Korea only phone so it may just be well received.

    Me personally? Love the screen size of course and can see why it'd need to be curved; so it can fit against yoir body comfortably, but I'd need it to go flat again and have an S-Pen.
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    One would think if it was screen face down with pressure applied to the back - it would crack down the middle?

    Why do we need curved phones? :confused:
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    The curved screen will improve sun light visibility and Aldo make the screen harder to break when dropped.

    A lot of you people complained about putting a huge phone in your skinny jeans and Samsung listened and this curve will curve to your leg and be a lot more comfortable having a 5.7in phone in your pocket
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    I definitely wouldn't buy it but more choices for people is always a good thing.
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