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Samsung (attempts to) bash iPhone in new S3 commercial.

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by ProfoundTactics, Sep 19, 2012.

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    The commercial itself is pretty cringeworthy, and should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it's the Youtube comments that are baffling to me. People get so angry over which phone people choose to purchase.


    Have a read through, 99% of people posting in there should be sterilised.

    Also, 'Shake to share playlist' Woah, that's almost as innovative as their 'Tilt to zoom' feature :D


    Ah, already been posted. Still, worth a watch for the hilarity.
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    Apple (attempts to) bash Windows in new Mac vs. PC commercial.

    The commercial itself is pretty cringeworthy, and should be taken with a pinch of salt, but it's the Youtube comments that are baffling to me. People get so angry over which computer people choose to purchase.


    Have a read through, 99% of people posting in there should be sterilised.
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    Don't you know by now it's only funny when its Apple doing it?
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    Yes yes yes, the tired old argument of someone trying to defend Samsung's actions on this.

    But let's get one thing straight here: they may have sucked too, but the Mac vs. PC ads bashed products, not people. The message here is clear: Samsung wants you, personally, to feel stupid if the hunk of metal and glass in your hand has an Apple logo on it, and to feel smug and superior if you have a GS3. THAT is the cringeworthy, tasteless part.
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    I thought it was pretty damn funny, I guess because I know that the iPhone is still the best device for me. ;)
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    Samsungs ads are working. As hard as that may be to face, it's nothing out of the ordinary. People are voting with their wallets & Samsung is doing quite well.

    I like it, Apple benefits from competition. Those familiar with business know this. :)
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    It's called negging. Samsung is playing on people's insecurities. They're attacking the mindset of the user to make them want to change.

    It's a very successful marketing (and seduction) technique.


    I'm not defending anything. In my opinion there's nothing that needs defending. It's a great commercial.
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    I think the difference here is that Apple's Mac vs. PC ads were about the OSs and it stayed there. Samsung's ads however don't just focus on the iPhone but also somewhat mock fanboys/fangirls. I expect something along those lines from videos on YouTube. However, coming from a large corporation is kind-of discomforting. If I ever go Android, I'll never go Samsung.

    PS. I'm not a fanboy but the ads make me feel as if Samsung is bullying them just because they don't have their phone. According to countless PSAs, bullying is not cool.
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    I think this quote sums it up pretty perfectly:

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    How many people here have decided to cancel their iPhone 5 orders based on the content of this ad?

    Have the lines in front of the Apple stores disappeared?

    Thought so.
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    If Samsung was smart they would have a Google Maps vs Apple Maps ad up and running. That's all they need to show. Apple is trying to pass off another Beta product (Siri was the first) onto its user community. This time they are simultaneously replacing a very solid, if not near perfect, app. This is arrogance that resembles what Microsoft used to do to its users.
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    I actually found it amusing on many levels and rather tongue in cheek. It wouldn't sway me to order a GS3 or cancel my pre-order on my iP5 64GB Black on Verizon but then again I have been there and done that. I have owned more Smartphones in the last 12 months than any iPhone user could ever expect to own in a lifetime. I changed tech enough times and I feel very solid about my new iP5 that I am not concerned about lack of NFC, tap and share photo's, playlists, or videos because it only works if everyone you know has a GS3, and I only know one person who does. So I am not the target audience.

    The best part was the dude holding a spot for his parents that one made me laugh, perhaps he should have realized his parents knew something he didn't. :eek: :apple:
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    Wirelessly posted (iPhone 4)

    I wonder if anyone's ever lined up or camped out for a Samsung product release.

    If I'm ever in the market for plastic bits and useless features I'll buy a Motorola phone.
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    Samsung wishes it had those long lines.
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    The choice of actors for many Apple Mac vs pc ads purposely present the apple users as cool, young and hip whereas pc users were implied to be unattractive, out of shape, geeky and wears a suit. I'm sure many PC users would've felt 'bullied' by those apple ads as well, not that I think there's anything wrong with it but just saying we can't have double standards. At the end of the day it's just marketing.
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    That is ausome!!!!! You have to give it to them....I was loving that commercial...I have waited in IPhone lines JUST LIKE THAT!!!! In fact some of the catch phrases are right on the Money!! Hilarious!! I have used the Galaxy S3 and its a great phone, but iphone does simple well. I could never get used to the Mail clientsl or the texting on the Galaxy S3. Samsung also boast about moving photos and files easily, but its much more difficult than video shows. It takes a series of buttons just to get to that point where you touch the phones. The other user also has to have the feature turned on. That feature also runs your battery down. I am now back to Jailbroken Iphone

    I still give Samsung props for the Video!!!! That is greatness
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    Great ad, kudos to Samsung.
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    This commercial is hilarious, especially the part where the guy's mind is blown over the headphone jack.

    I do find the whole "touch my phone with your phone" feature pretty gimmicky, however.
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    I didn't think of it that way. When it comes to guys I don't really have an opinion on attractiveness, but I see what you're saying. I guess Apple's ads were a little more subtle. I completely agree with you on double standards.
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    Trust me after using the S3 for 1 mo it takes more pushing of buttons than what they are showing in the adds...In fact entire user experience is more button pushing that Andriod users would like to admit. Just to delete calls or text several holding down of this and then pushing that...Simple yes but as stated IPhone does simplistic well.
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    the S3 is a Sh**driod... doesn't even stand up to the iPhone 5 !!!
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    You do realize Google is the KING of never finishing BETA apps right? that or canceling them


    No point, because the Galaxy s4 comes out in February. lol. You know ANdroid products have a three month shelf life lol. Android has had more "Flagship" phones than I can remember.
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    I do think it can hold its own with the Iphone 5 for the droid users.....It actually does do a lot. The Picture in picture feature is cool and its wicked fast when it comes to apps and LTE. The battery life is also killer. I cant really bash the phone because I enjoyed some of the features...There is something to be said about an open platform...In fact my iphone is jailbroken....Widgets are also nice...

    Having said all that I still prefer the iphone again due to simplistic and interface. I have to be honest and say it would be a hard toss up if there was never a jailbreak for the iphone....I have the 5 coming on friday, but will miss the jailbreak portion of my iphone BIG TIME!!!! The day a jailbreak comes out for the Ios 6 my phone will be jailbroken in matter of minutes..

    Its also good to have competition....Give each of them something to strive to be better at : >)
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    Google Maps is great if you live in say... NYC and need public transport direction.

    However, I am pretty sick and tired of using my standalone GPS while driving. I need turn by turn and you can bet that Google won't let Apple build it to their front end iOS Maps. Why would they? If I were Google, I wouldn't let anyone build Turn by Turn Nagivation with my backend either... and I can let MY mobile OS has the best maps ever.
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