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Samsung designed the A4 and A5, not the A6.

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Timzer, Oct 15, 2012.

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    So according to this article from The Verge, a Samsung official has stated the A6 to be the first Apple chip not designed by Samsung. Interesting indeed.
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    We all knew the A6 was custom designed by Apple...
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    I think the point the OP was making is that the common belief that continuously get's spread here is that Apple designs it's own chips (A4, A5) and Samsung just manufactures them. I for one have seen this numerous times. Well this article just proves that belief dead wrong.
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    Oh, yeah the A4 and A5 were largely rebranded Samsung chips.
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    That's not true at all.
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    Samsung helped design the A4, A5 chips.
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    Links or resources to back up these claims?
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    Where are your links that for example say the Apple A5 or A5X is rebranded Samsung chip?

    Everything we know about these chips show that they do not match an existing or future Samsung chip, so how can it be a rebranded chip? For example, the A5 uses a completely different GPU and the A5X uses a completely different GPU as well as being the only SOC with a quad channel memory controller.
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    Well the wikipedia article for Apple A4 strongly hints that it's very similar to Samsung's own Hummingbird SoC that was designed in a co-operation with Intrinsity that Apple bought later on. I wouldn't be surprised if the CPU part on A5/A5X was also similar to Samsung's Exynos 4 SoC, but with a different GPU. While the chips are not really "rebranded Samsung chips", they are still based on their designs with a small modifications here and there.

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