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Samsung ML1710 Laser Printer

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by arn, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. arn
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    Samsung ML-1710 Laser Printer
    Samsung 1710 Product Link


    No specific reviews, another MacRumors reader actually recommended this product to me. I'll add his comments in the replies.


    I personally was looking for a printer to replace an Epson 880 Color Inkjet printer for general text printing. I found I used the printer mostly for text pages... not color.

    So, I was looking for something that was relatively inexpensive overall, but an overall improvement in terms of text quality and speed than my Epson.

    Also, after coming from a InkJet printer, I realized that cost of supplies was important as well.

    Mac OS X compatability was a must.

    Other Products

    I looked over HP's Laser Printer offerings -- unfortunately, they don't offer their low-end Laser Printers as Mac-compatible printers. So, I was eyeballing the mid-range printers ($300-$500) -- mostly because I didn't have a feel for what I needed.

    What finally pushed me over the edge was the inexpensive price of the Samsung ($199 before $70 rebate), and the relatively inexpensive cost of toner carts. $70 for 3000 page toner.

    Am I Happy?

    Yep - very happy. The only thing perhaps is that the printer is a bit loud. But speed-wise, it's much speedier than the Epson, and works very well. No complaints. The ink-saver option extends your toner life and doesn't seem to make an appreciable difference in quality.
  2. arn
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    Kwyjibo wrote:

    And there were some other pleased customers in this thread
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    I also have this printer, I recommended it to arn and love it. I also found the CNET reviews on this printer and they loved it. that helped my choice

    to arn: samsung's site is funky, you need to goto samsungusa.com to see all thep roducts avaible on the american market
    better link to printer
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    Daveman Deluxe

    I agree, this is an awesome printer. I bought one a couple weeks ago and am very pleased with it.
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    Panther Printing works with Puma Driver

    Howdy -

    I got this printer to work under Panther using the Puma Driver -

    My configurations
    PB AL G4 12" 867/256 - Panther
    iMacFP 15" 800/512 - Panther

    Both over USB and OS X printer sharing.

    Step 1:
    delete folder: macintosh hd/library/printers/samsung

    Step 2:
    delete receipt for Samsung:
    macintosh hd/library/receipts/Samsung Driver Installer.pkg

    Download PUMA driver

    Follow the links to: _ML-1710 - Mac SECOSXdriverV1.0.sit

    Download and install driver

    Add printer in System Preferences as before.

    Of course, just because this worked for me does not mean it will work for you - so be careful - back stuff up and if it breaks, it's your problem.

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