Samsung phone sports Mac OS X graphics

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, May 8, 2006.

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    What a bizarre "mistake" to make. Is it impossible that this has anything to do with the supposed iPhone?
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    I don't think they were merely trying to emulate OS X icons. There seems to be more here. Maybe there was an Apple-Samsung iPhone in the works before the project was canned?
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    Is this where the real battle is going to take place over the next 5-15 years? Not the desktop, but the portable device. Not work, but leisure.

    In London, there are loads of ads on the Underground for XP mobile devices. But they all seem to be stressing how easy it is to use Office, do your spreadsheets on the move etc. Somehow, I'm not sure whether that chimes with the zeitgeist... very 80's, somehow.
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    They have them all over here too. Its a pity they're so damn ugly though, I'd consider one if I could find something that looked like an actual phone with a QWERTY keyboard...
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    I wish my phone's screen looked like that ;) I don't think any of the phone designers/makers (sony, samsung, motorola) know anything about graphics as all there interfaces for there phones look like something on windows xp.

    I would really like to see apple make a phone thats supported on multi providers.
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    Translation: "We cut some corners and got caught"
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    Right, because what the world needs is another law suit.:rolleyes:
    They saw their error and fixed it. End of story.
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    Samsung phone "sports" Mac OS X graphics?

    Kind of like I am "sporting" that DVD player I looted from Wal-mart.
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    lol i love that video :) thank you for it! u made me smile :)
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    that video is hilarious!
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    It wasn't an "error," and they didn't "fix" it until after they'd already been selling it in the marketplace.

    You don't accidentally load someone else's work into Photoshop, re-save it, and sell it as your own.

    Fault may lie with a group of employees rather than the whole company, but an error it was not.
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    now thats funny:D
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    You don't sue "groups of employees," you sue the company. Hence an error on the company's part, caused as you say by a group of employees, now resolved. I'm just sick and tired of all the "sue them! sue them!" rubbish bandied about on these forums. Apple has done their fair share already, I'd say.
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    It isnt against the law to poke fun at apple.

    calm down.
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    My LG VX6100 uses the iPhoto icon for the picture gallery and camera :X

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