Samsung Releases New Galaxy S III Ad Poking Fun at iPhone 5 Launch

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 19, 2012.

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    As noted by The Tech Block, Samsung has released its latest smartphone commercial taking aim at the iPhone, this time promoting its flagship Galaxy S III by parodying Apple fans waiting in line for the iPhone 5.

    The 90-second ad highlights several Galaxy S III features including S Beam file transfers accomplished by bumping phones together and the larger display. The ad parodies Apple fans' interest in the iPhone 5's relocated headphone jack and new Lightning connector, while also portraying the phone as uncool by showing one Galaxy S III user saving a place in the iPhone line for his parents.


    Article Link: Samsung Releases New Galaxy S III Ad Poking Fun at iPhone 5 Launch
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    Bitter, party of one, your table is now ready in the misery section.

    And havent we been "bumping" for quite some time now? How the F is this new and cool?!
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    The Samurai

    Oh dear.

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    LOL not this kind of ad again... :rolleyes:

    You mean to tell me Samsung wouldn't love this kind of devotion to their phones? A line forming for their galaxy phones? Yeah right.
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    This is desperate. I get the idea but the execution is so bad.
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    Will this start another "PC vs Mac" ads? :D
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    Samsung is right on this one.

    (I bet you wish the downvote was still here)
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    Samsung is like that friend who tells the same joke over and over. Not funny anymore and very stale and uncreative.
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    A dog growls the most when it's cornered and scared. That's right. Be afraid Samsung. Be very, very afraid.
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    Samsung's rage continues.
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    Wow, Samsung sure are fast at putting out new ads... About anything but themselves. First it was the comparisons in the papers, now this. I don't think Samsung even care about the $1bn that just lost.

    Good job iPhone 5's are selling like there's no tomorrow... at least this is some revenue for Samsung, selling parts to Apple.
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    To think I was tempted by the S3 a few weeks ago. You're actually just annoying me into buying an iPhone 5.

    Maybe next year, Samsung!
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    Oh boy, this is funny!
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    Rodimus Prime

    I always think it is funny when Apple fan boys stereo type is made fun of and how up in arms that same crew gets.
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    But wait what phone will sell more units again.....

    smh samsung
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    They're worrying so much that they had to make an ad flaming the iPhone. Any other phone but it had to be the iPhone!
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    way to entice iPhone users, by mocking them...
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    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. They actually tried to show of that "Samsung Beam" thing. Maybe it would have been better if you didn't have to be 1cm away, they just looked so awkward putting their phones up to each other. I also can't ever imagine someone waiting in line for the iPhone 5 and thinking "Nah, F*c* this, I'll go get a Galaxy S3."
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    This ad is so true. Samsung has had these features for a while.
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    I think a major difference is that Samsung is doing this with zero humour. They're not trying to roast, they're trying to make Apple users feel and look inferior to Samsung users. When there's no humour, it's just insulting.
  22. Mike Oxard, Sep 19, 2012
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    I'd watch the ad but I'm busy downloading iOS 6, the latest version of the iPhone operating system onto my 3GS, a three and a half year old phone. I wonder what version of android the Samsung will be on in 2016?
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    Nobody in line for the iPhone talks like that, and nobody comes up with other phones to show them off. And the acting was really bad. And I checked the features of the Samsung that are supposedly different from the iP5 and all they are are labelled differently from what's already on the ip, but because they can't patent infringe, they call them different things.

    Wait, they already DID patent infringe.
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    Yeah, sure, go ahead and insult the people that have the money you want in your wallet. That'll get you far.

    Seriously, because of these commercials, whenever I see someone with a GS3, I don't think "Wow, gee willikers! I wish I had THAT phone!"
    It's more like "Get a load of this douche with the God complex..."

    And as Caliber26 stated, we've been 'bumping' for a while now. And by 'we' I mean a whole 12 people.
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    "Oh my God, you can transfer playlists just by touching phones?"

    Weird ... I saw an Android user who said: "Oh my God, you can download apps without frantically praying it's not malware?"

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