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Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by fcodc, Oct 17, 2007.

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    After missing the iPhone launch, I'll definitely be there. Anyone else showing up at the Apple Store in La Cantera?
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    I'll at least show up for the free t-shirt! I'm planning on updating my MacBook when they refresh. I was at the Biltmore store for Panther and they gave away dog tags just for showing up.
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    I'll be getting off of work early to go to La Cantera and pick up Leopard on the 26th....

    Do you think it's going to be packed? I know it wasn't really that packed when I bought an iPhone on the 29th.
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    I do believe that more people will show up for Leopard, since when the iPhone launched it was priced as a luxury item. Yet again, I've never been at an Apple event in La Cantera.

    Is it any different from other Apple Store events? Any tips you could give, like best hour to arrive, etc?
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    I will definitely be there for the launch... But I have learned that they will be well stocked from my iPhone experience. No more waiting in line for 6 hrs! :)

    I just hope they stock family packs, or I'll be leaving empty handed... :(
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    Leopard Meet-up

    I will definitely be there, late though. I will be upset if I don't get me a free shirt. :apple: I loves me some Apple collectibles.

    See ya'll there.

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    Same here. But we won't really leave empty handed thanks to the t-shirts. :)
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    I don't know what time to arrive. I probably won't get there until 4:30 PM. Hopefully I will get a t-shirt... Family pack or not, I'm going home with Leopard.
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    I'll be there, just not sure what time.


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