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San Francisco Geared Up For Macworld

Discussion in 'Macworld San Francisco 2008' started by MacRumors, Jan 13, 2008.

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    Walking around San Francisco today, you could tell that Macworld was coming. And in case you forgot or didn't know about the conference, Apple has placed ads on every street-corner to remind you.



    Curiously, the ads are promoting the iPod, however currently we do not expect Apple to be introducing updates to the iPod during this Macworld.

    Meanwhile, fellow members of the press are arriving in droves. The expo actually begins tomorrow, though expect things to really pick up after Steve's keynote on Tuesday at 9 (have we mentioned we're going to be covering it live?).

    However, to put some perspective on the situation, I was reminded today that the entire city doesn't just shut down for a conference like Macworld. For instance, today I saw this great jumprope team showing their skills in Union Square.


    Oh who am I kidding. They were jumping for joy that Macworld has arrived!

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    Must be a smokescreen like 2006 and the Intel announcement.

    My guess is Apple is moving to PA-RISC. :)
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    why would they be putting up ipod advertisements if they werent announcing anything related to the ipod.. because why wouldnt they put up mac adevertisements :apple::apple:
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    they are displaying iPod posters because the iPod touch and the iPhone (both hvaing iPod's in them) are getting an update which allows them to be the controller/mouse and keyboard for the appletv update that will have safari on it. No, duh.
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    yea possibily.. but still they should have at least some mac advertisements up:apple::apple:
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    Probably putting up iPod ads because when people think iPod they think Apple.
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    True, but note that the streetcorner ads are specifically Macworld related (macworld text at bottom). I don't necessarily think it means anything, but it did kind of perk my interest.
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    they should put up MacBook and MacBook Pro ads insted of iPod ads because they might be a MB and MBP update at MacWorld
  10. arn
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    It makes sense to have iPod ads if they are NOT changing.

    How can you advertise the MacBook Pro when its going to be updated? (and potentially look different). You'd have to change the ads on Tuesday.

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    That, and why would they advertise things that are going to be replaced in two days? Why would they have huge billboards of a Macbook if it's going to be replaced/updated at MacWorld?

    EDIT: Arn beat me to the punch!
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    iPhone 2

    something in the air + ipod ads = iphone 2

    there is a lot of other reasons to defend this standpoint like:

    biggest of which is that apple must have known that saying something in the air would get peoples hopes up and they dont want to disappoint and lower stock price

    they need a new model if they want to sell 10 million by the end of the year (most people who will buy one probably already have)

    there are a million other reasons but think about it
    i know it is wishful thinking but still...
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    Ya Steve likes and is know for distracting away from the real stuff.
    Kinda reminds me when he was saying that the Apple TV was a "hobby".Is it?
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    This has been the same as the last few years. They put iPod ads in the kiosks and then swap them out with the new product...
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    These ads aren't necessarily a sign that Apple is "gearing up" for MacWorld, as San Francisco has always been inundated with iPod ads; however, I suspect you're correct: Apple wouldn't place iPod ads if the iPod line was to be updated (even though those ads are so generic, they could probably get away with it without anybody noticing).
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    you know what struck me the most about the union square picture...people in shorts and shirts...i'm jealous.
    i'm cold :(
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    Where would the fun be if they put up ads for what they're going to talk about? Think of all the extra hype they get from the mwsf rumor mill leading up to the conference.
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    u guys put too much thought into the ads...its just an Ad... coming from a someone who studies design, the iPod has almost become a symbol or emblem of Apple on its own..
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    true i hope this means that ipod updates are out of question for once
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    Is the BART plastered in ads? I remember one time they did that. Every wall was covered in ipod ads.
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    Thoughts like this make me very happy :)
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    Would YOU advertise a old product you are going to replace by something better (hopefully ;) ) ?
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    20 gig nano
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    When the 5G iPod was released, there were ads in the exhibit hall that depicted an iPod with a larger screen (like the 5G). So, there is precedent to give ads a little bit of credence. But note I only gave that point a sentence in my article... I really don't think its a big thing. The biggest thing is that they plastered the city with the ads.

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