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San Jose, CA

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by greenwrangler, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Anyone else going to the Valley Fair Mall Apple Store on the 26th to get their copy of Leopard?
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    If I wasn't working, I'd be there. What about Oakridge?
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    Keep in mind there is a new store in Los Gatos... the Apple store at Valley Fair is currently undergoing some renovations and has been shrunk significantly. That place is a nightmare to get into. I'd recommend Los Gatos... they have much more space to move around.
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    I plan on going to Oakridge mall that day after work. I get off work at five so I will be there by six because of light rail... Can't wait!!!!

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    Palo Alto -- Free t-shirt? what time?

    With work and my commute, 5:30pm at the Palo Alto store is the best that I can manage. Do you think I would be too late to get the free Leopard t-shirt? How many do they typically give out at this sort of thing? 5? 100? 2?

    Anyone else headed to the Palo Alto :apple: Store?

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