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sand in my iPod headphones!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by wmmk, Jul 9, 2006.

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    :eek: :mad: i was at the beach last night, and i had my iPod headphones in my pocket. sand got in them, and now music sounds a little odd. how can i get out the sand? if i must, i guess ill just get new headphones. are plain white apple headphones available? thanks.:D
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    I am not sure that you will be able to get the sand out of your Apple headphones (or undo any damage the sand might have caused). :eek:

    I would advise that you just buy some new Apple headphones (check out Apple's website for some). :)
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    the only problem is that apple only sells their $40 in ear headphones. could i just go to my local apple and buy new ones?
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    Is your iPod still under warranty? You could have them ship you new ones. When/if you have to ship the broken ones back, and they determine it was your fault, the worst you will have to do is pay for them (which would be less than $40).
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    The sand had to get in there somehow...so it should be able to fit on its way out.

    Shake shake shake....do the shake shake shake. :p
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    Apple usually ships out new headphones no-questions asked, and you don't have to send your old ones in.

    Don't call, though. Submit an online repair request.

    Just say they died on you. Don't mention the beach. I've gotten 3 pairs of free earbuds over the course of my 5 iPod life.
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    I suppose you could use them as miniature maraccas.

    Not quite sure why I bothered posting that but hey, there you go.
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    Some people here in the past just took them to their local apple store and were given free replacements.
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    Actually, the earbuds are very easy to open up. You just grab the light-grey component (with the grille) and pull carefully. It should come out with little effort.
    This should make it easy for you to remove the sand that's gotten in there.
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    Well, if Apple is almost bound to send you a new pair this way, do it wmmk. :)
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    Electro Funk

    open them up and hit them with some compressed air... should take care of it... :)
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    will I be able to put them back together?
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    Would that not run the risk of damaging the earbuds? :eek:
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    how exactly does one open up iPod headphones and close them back up without damaging anything?
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    Electro Funk

    they are already damaged now... no???

    was just suggesting a quick possible fix before trying to exchange/replace them....
  16. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    If he disassembles them then there is a very small chance in exchanging them. He'd have to get lucky and hope Apple didn't request he send the old ones back.

    IMO you are better off just exchanging them as they are now. I doubt Apple would spend the time with the old pair to discover you got sand in them. However, if you try sending the broken ones back in several pieces (because you tried taking them apart), it will be quite obvious that you broke them.
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    Well true, they are damaged- so why not give it a try. :eek: :)
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    you still need to ahve a warranty and will need to send the old ones in or they charge u 19 dollars!

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