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sand on powerbook g4

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Ipaqman, May 3, 2004.

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    hey everyone,

    i was using my powerbook by the beach the other day and i got some sand stuck in the cracks of the apple logo on the top. i got most of the sand out of it but there is still some that is still stuck. i have tried to vaccume it out, but it still won't come out. is there anyway other way that i can get rid of the sand?

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    Stick it in the dishwasher!
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    havent tried that yet. lol. i have tried to use a toothpick but it is too wide to get between the space. is there anything that is really skinny that i can get it out with?

    thanks again,
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    Pressurized (canned) air. I use that for everything.
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    Perhaps a fine-bristled toothbrush?
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    I would consider yourself lucky, at least the sand isn't in any 'bad' place that kills functionality. I second the idea of pressurized air though, it seems like it's the safest.

    How close were you to the beach? I am going to be taking a trip to Florida this summer, but am worried about taking my laptop. What can I do to avoid sand in bad places?
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    if you're on vacation and on the beach(which is paradise), why would you think about a computer?
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    baby duck monge

    don't you know that a shiny powerbook makes a wonderful chick magnet? i mean, come on... :D
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    where can you get this pressurized can?
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    that's a good advice, helps most of the time.

    but seriously...

    my friend's revA 12" powerbook has suffered from dirt all of its life (1year). it's not sand, but smaller dust pieces that get somewhere between the display latch, and every time he opens/closes the display, there goes really annoying squirching-like sound that gets everyone's attention surely. pressurized air doesn't help. maybe he needs to take it to authorized service center and have them open it up and clean properly.

    sad thing is it only took two months off-road use to get too dirty. and i don't mean judging beach volley games here, but simply using the powerbook outside where there is usually some amount of dust in the air.

    my 15" has been fine so far, only 3 months of use for now, but i begin to fear i have to get it cleaned soon. the latch has already began to show some wear...
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    Perhaps you are going on this trip as a chaperone for a youth group, and you have been commissioned with creating a video of the experience, and you'd like to get going on it on the nights that you have to be up all night anyway to make sure the kids don't act stupid.
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    what the man says is true

    it is ecspecially effective on art students with ibooks
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    I think that the library would be the best place for powerbooks. ie, beaches are full of thieves.
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    I work in a library, and believe me, there are thieves there, too. Lots of people with powerbooks, as well. At least in the library you aren't leaving your PB to cool yourself off in the water...

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