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Sanyo MM-5600 mp3 transfers

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by e.m., Mar 18, 2005.

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    Hello and greetings to the MR community.

    I have learned alot from here the past year or so, and never felt the need to register (until now) to be able to post because all of my questions had been already asked by someone else, and others have provided great answers to them. This is the first time I couldn't find an answer to my question here. So here it goes...

    I bought the Sanyo MM-5600 (Sprint) last night. One of the functions I was excited about is the mp3/aac playback ability. It's a great phone, but with one major problem. It doesn't allow file transfers from OSX to the miniSD card for the MM-5600, so I can't listen to music on it. I can load pics/videos from the miniSD to OSX, but the process doesn't work the other way around.

    First I searched here for answers, version tracker, macupdate, and then Google, but I couldn't find anything on this topic. So I called Sanyo Support, and they told me this function only works with PC's. Oh no!

    But I figure there's gotta be a way to do it. I'm hoping. Does anyone know a way around this?

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    I have NO idea how/if it works with your particular phone, but I have successfully used BitPim to transfer ringtones, pictures, and/or contacts to/from non-iSync supported phones including Sprint's Samsung a620, Samsung a660, and Sanyo 8200 (all connected via USB).
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    Do you use the Sanyo PM-8200 with the Sprint cable or a compatible cable? I have one but I don't connect it.
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    Sounds like a great app. But darn, my phone isn't on their supported list. I downloaded the app anyway, and browsed through the extensive (and actually helpful) help files. I figured it wouldn't work because I'm trying to load to the miniSD and not the phone itself. Reading thorough the help files also convinced me not to use it for my phone, to prevent someting going majorly wrong.

    Maybe they'll support MM-5600 sometime in the near future... Thanks for the tip.
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    There are super cheap cables on eBay and $25 ones at Radio Shack. I split the difference and bought one from 3gcables.com. It is physically identical (I checked) to the FutureDial-branded ones from RS. I'd guess they all work, I just thought, oh, it's only a couple dollars more.
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    Yeah, I do like it a lot. Its existence helped me stay with my great Sprint plan despite their near-total lack of iSync-supported phones (SE T608 and the Treos).

    Keep an eye on their mailing lists, maybe they are planning to support it. Maybe you can suggest that they support it, though I don't know how that works. They need someone to donate a model of the phone so they can test it, I think.
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    I actually went through their mailing list when I downloaded the app. There was someone that reported a successful transfer of a picture from their computer to their MM-5600, but no mention of mp3's or the miniSD. From what I've read, they need someone to lend them a phone to get it supported. I'm not about to lend someone my brand new super expensive phone, though...

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