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SATA cable for connecting an SSD internally

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by Demigod Mac, Aug 23, 2010.

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    OWC Mercury Extreme SSD and a Mac Pro

    I've tried numerous mounting brackets, and although they will hold the drive firmly in place, none of them can get the connectors lined up.

    For the time being I've taken the precarious method of taping my SSD in place while it's connected to the motherboard. Of course, I don't want this to be a permanent solution.

    Would this cable enable me to mount the drive in place and connect it to the motherboard?

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    Haven't tried that. Might be a better idea, considering.
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    Others around here have had success with it. If you had to end up using cables, you might as well install it in the lower optical bay (if it's empty) and free up an HD bay. But the adapter should make it easy to install the SSD in the regular drive bay from everything I've read and what the rep told me.
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    Put it in the 2nd optical bay (if not being used). The cables are already up there, might as well . . .
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    Got a Blu-ray drive in optical bay 2.
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    Nice, I thought you have to get cables. So it just uses the existing cables in the 2nd optical bay? What kind of an adapter do you need to secure it in there?
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    5.25" to 2.5" is what you need.

    But my 80Gb Intel SSD has been hanging there for 4 months with no issues what so ever.
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    Thanks! Do you notice a big difference in boot and app launch times?
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    You can even mount 2 SSDs in the optical bay - if you are willing to install a PCIe SATA-Controller.

    OP: You would have been better off with a BD-Burner.
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    You got a new MP? Which internal Blu-Ray did you buy and is it SATA?
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    This was the first thing I did to my Mac Pro even before booting. Pulled out the optical tray, the 2nd SATA connection and SATA power was just hanging there waiting for my SSD. Plugged it in, just let the SSD rest there. Remember, SSDs don't produce heat (hardly) and are not subject damage from moving around or "not being mounted" in a secure mounting . . . so, no big deal if you ask me.
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    my optical drive bay didn't have sata connectors, sadly (since mine is a 2,1) so i wound up getting a cable very similar to the one you found, demi, except that it's a full 15+7 connector on both sides. the mac pro's sata connectors won't fit your cable, btw, because the male sata-data connector has that weird bracket around it.

    i wish i had known about the icydock though, that looks pretty solid.
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    What would be the solution if I want to mount 2 SSDs (stripped) in optical bay of Mac Pro?
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    Yes, it's all very very quick :p
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    That's good? I guess?

    Can't WAIT for my OWC 120 to get here. This new Mac Pro is going to work like a dream.

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