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Save The Imac G3!!

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by iMac, Nov 16, 2002.

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    Okay, firstly, I am going to set up a site on my .com to save the iMac G3! We can petition Apple and have a "save it" Headquarters! Please join me in this worthy cause, and if anyone has any idea where to send it to Apple, tell me. I need as much help as I can get in this. Arn, I am not sure where the appropriate forum for this is, but please don't delete it, it's a worthy cause. This is the computer that changed the world!
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    Re: Save The Imac G3!!

    It's a nice thought an all, and it maybe the computer that brought apple back from the dead; however now, it is just a very out dated piece of kit that apple have no need what-so-ever to keep producing, they have the G4 eMac.
    It just seems like kind of a waste of time. :)
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    Come on, if they can make the iBook 800mhz, there is no way they can't update the iMac to a better type of G3. It's not like we are expecting 1 ghz, maybe 800/900 mhz... apple can do it, and this revolutionized the world. Give it one last year.
    My friend Tom and I are setting up a page... and will post it asap! Please support us in this cause!
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    I would rather see the iMac scraped so mine will go up in value. I would also like Apple to focus on bringing all of their hardware up to 1.25GHZ G4 and higher..... and with he eMac, it really is over for the old G3 imacs......sorry :D
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    Newsflash, older computers don't go up in value, why is everyone being so negative about this!? It won't be worth a thing for 40 years anyway!
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    Who said Apple was dumping the G3 iMac? I've heard no official announcement (or credible rumor.)

    I think the G3 iMac will be around until Apple can get the eMac (or iMac, or something else?) to a sub-$1,000 price point. If Anything, they'll just make it education-only.
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    I'm not going to lie and say I remember my sources, but I have seen it on NUMEROUS websites. Who has also heard this and can vouch for me?
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    Sorry Imac but I think you're in the minority here. Why should Apple continue to produce a machine that is practically standing still in a very fast paced market? I agree with Dricci, however, that the G3 will be around until the Emac takes off. I have the new G4 17" Imac in my office and I love it. Times and technology change, my friend. Time to get up to date. Good thing they moved past Mac Classic even though some people thought they were the best thing ever. I guess they were at the time.

    I don't suppose you still wear parachute pants?;)
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    Apple should keep selling the iMac - maybe renaming it to something else so as not to be confused with the new iMac - and drop it down to $499 or $599, keeping it in sync with iBook-level processor speeds.
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    I agree with just about everyone else on this thread. It is a
    great computer that served all my needs for many years, but
    it can only be cool for so long. It is beginning to not be cool,
    and other systems are beginning to look just a bit coller (like
    the g4 iMacs.). I think that they are a good memory, but they
    aren't the best computer.
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    Okay, fine, I get your point. I just will miss it. They should WAAY lower the price, to like 499 and keep it up for a while though!
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    agreed. if they have a really cheap computer that can run OSX at a reasonable speed then more people will buy macs because that price problem will disapear.

    The only problem is that if they up the speed to macth the eMac then why pay sooo much for a big screen. They need to mack the emac line all 800Mhz, the imacg3 700Mhz. That wuld open the market, aslong as it sold for less that USD450
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    but if they take down the price to $499 I still don't think they will
    fly off the shelves or anything. Most consumers will see that a
    1.7 GHz PC is $500 and then see that a 500 MHz iMac is $500,
    and go for the PC.
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    I do think that Apple would still have a great market in the iMac G3 especially in K-12 education. I know a local school that just ordered 20 of them a couple of weeks ago to set up a new lab. What should be done with this model, is a lower price, almost a break even point, an 800Mhz G3 and a little better graphics card. A machine like this still appeals greatly to educators. I know that the eMac was suppose to take over, but against $500-$600 bargain PC systems Apple is loosing the K-12 education market. As an elementary teacher the best desktop system ever produced for a school was the G3 iMac along with the old claimshell iBooks. The colors were great for the kids and they loved the handles to carry them from room to room.

    We don't need G4's and Superdrive in the elementary school, what we need is a system that compares or cuts the throat on Celeron systems. I know from experience that the newer G3's have Celerons for lunch. If there was ever Mhz myth it was on the el cheapo 1.7Ghz Celerons, we have a couple at school...they lag bad....
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