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Saving iPhoto pic's in same exact order?

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by shneady, Jun 25, 2009.

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    I have a set of pictures in an iPhoto folder and I want to put that folder onto an sd card. The thing is, when I export the folder, the pictures export out of order, and not the order that I put them in. How do I clone the iPhoto folder exactly how it is right now with the pic order to the sd card without it rearranging the pics when I export them? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
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    The only reason I need this is because we set up an iphoto album and organized all the photo's we have of my mom in chronological order that we want to surprise her with on her 50th birthday surprise party we have planned for her on Saturday the 27th, and I want to transfer them onto my sister mac mini because the party is at her house, and put them on her tv. The thing is, like I said in my first post when I export, they all go out of order, and it was very time consuming putting them in chronological order, plus the slideshow looks so much better that way. I don't want all of this hardwork to be done for no reason. It just doesn't make sense that I won't save the pic's in the order they were put in when I created the file. Please help a brotha out.
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    How about importing the photos into the Mac mini's iPhoto library and sorting them by date there? Doesn't that work?
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    Make a new folder on your desktop and name it something simple like "Mom 09". Open iPhoto and select the folder you have the photos you want in order and select them all (not the folder, just the photos) and drag to the folder you just made. Next download "FileMangler" and install and place on the dock.
    Next drag the new folder on your desktop and drop on NameMangler's icon on the dock. It will open with all your photos listed, drag the photos in the list into the order you want them. Now setup a Prefix (like Mom_Birthday_09_ ) with a numerical sequence following. Now from the Rename menu select Preform Task and your photos will be renamed in the new order ready to be put on your sister's Mac. I rename all my photos this way on the Memory card before importing to iPhoto.
    This sounds complicated, but you can rename 100's photos on your camera or memory card in just a minute or two.

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    Sounds great, Mr Pomeroy.

    Since the OP has the photos in the iPhoto library already, he could of course use iPhoto's export function and set a prefix for the sequence there:

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    Thank you guys, for your responses. So, here's the deal, what I didn't realize last night. The iPhoto album is created on my iMac and it transfers to the sd card in the exact order that I want them. So the pictures are perfect on the card. As a test, I went to put the card in my Macbook and when the pictures upload into to iPhoto, they import out of order. So, when I put this card into my sister Mac Mini, it will do the same thing in iPhoto. I just want iPhoto to import the pictures in the order they're in on the card. The slideshow scrapbook option in iPhoto is perfect, which why I want to use it. And I'm definitely not taking my iMac to my sisters house.

    My gripe about this is also when the time comes to change to a new Mac. I spend all my time organizing all my photos in iPhoto, on my iMac the way that I want. But then when I transfer to my Macbook or new Mac when the time comes, they'll just all save out of order in iPhoto and then I have reorganize them all over again. That can't be right? There has to be an easier way to do this... I just don't get it
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    It looks as if the sorting info is stored inside iPhoto and is not exported. Which makes perfect sense. So you've got two possibilities:

    If you need the photos sorted chronologically, sort them by date on the new computer. If the photos are scanned non-chronologically, this will not work of course.

    If your photos are in the right order on the iMac, export them and let iPhoto tag them for you: birthday-01, birthday-02, etc. (see screenshot above in post #5). Then it's easy to sort them on your sisters Mac mini in exactly the same way as they were on your iMac.

    As for the migration to a new computer: if you copy the entire Pictures folder to the new system, things should look exactly the same there. Or you could let the migration assistant handle that for you.

    Have a nice birthday party. :)

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