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SBCYahoo DSL on my eMac!

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by LucasLand, Sep 30, 2002.

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    I got that new DSL service from SBC & Yahoo. I had it installed on my new eMac. I just wanted people to know it ROCKS!!!!!! It's faster than my old AT&T broadband connection! Nice.

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    Oh don't get me started about SBC Yahoo DSL ... okay, since you insist:

    9-5-02 ... an arsonist attacks my apartment building three times within two days. The landlord shuts the building down and refunds everyone's money. I'm homeless (and without my Ameritech DSL connection.)

    9-9-02 ... through lots of hardwork, my wife and I move into a new apartment. I call to get my Ameritech phone and DSL switched. We move close by so we can keep the same numbers. Due date for DSL: 9-20-02.

    9-12-02. I call to check the status of the installion. Because the old tennants had MCI local phone service, they can't start our new service yet. I have to push back the phone install date to 9-17-02. They assure me this will not impact DSL installation.

    9-17-02. The phone is on ... so I call Ameritech to check on my DSL (which has now been renamed SBC Yahoo DSL.) They cannot find my order and say they cannot take a new order until their computer system updates to show the phone number is at my new address.

    9-18-02. I call back ... the phone number is still at the old address.

    9-19-02. Still at the old address. At one point, I'm online with three SBC employees at the same time who are arguing with each other about how systems get updated in their company.

    9-20-02. I call back and I'm told that all is well, the records have been updated and the DSL order has been placed. Delivery date: 9-30-02.

    9-23-02. Call me paranoid, but I felt the need to check on my order. The first line support couldn't find the order, but after some backoffice checking, they confirmed that DSL would be installed on 10-1-02.

    9-25-02. I called again. Once again, the first line support couldn't find the order, but they did find it eventually and confirmed the 10-1-02 date. They also said that if my equipment came sooner, I could plug it in and see if the DSL line had come on sooner (don't know why I needed more DSL equipment.)

    9-27-02. The DSL equipment arrives. I plug it in, no line.

    9-28-02. I turn on the modem ... eureka, a DSL signal! I go through the SBC Yahoo install program. But when I try to register, the computer cannot find my customer record. So I call SBC ... and they can't find my customer record. I'm in a Kafkaesque hell ... DSL line and equipment, but they insist I never placed an order. They tell me to call back on Monday and talk to some tech people who don't work on weekends. I get off the phone and try my old DSL modem and old login info ... Bingo! The DSL logs in. All is well.

    9-29-02. DSL is still up and running ... although it's painfully slowly (160K at best.)

    9-30-02. And the DSL is out. So I call SBC again and ... you guessed it ... no record of my order. And that's where I stand today. The SBC X-Files unit is currently investigating for me.
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    I had a little trouble too getting online. They pushed back my start date and I never got the cd-rom in the mail. I knew that I had DSL on my line when I saw the light on the modem come one. Luckily I demanded at the beginning that they should give me my email address, password and dial-up number to use the free dial-up service that comes with DSL. I was using that for a while until I noticed the DSL light. I then used the dial-up account to access their support page to learn how to setup mac os x for DSL service. I followed the directions and now I'm online.

    The funny thing is that the girl was hesitant about giving me my dial-up info, since I didn't have the startup disk. I told here that I use mac os x and that it includes everything I need to access dial-up service, also DSL later on. THANK GOD FOR MAC OS X!!. It is sad that the women on the phone is still stuck in the windows. It mad me wonder how many other windows sbcyahoo subscribers are still sitting at home, not using DSL, waiting for their cd-rom to come in the mail. UGH!


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    been there! it took SBC over 3 hours to set up my original phone line. THEN SBC swore up and down that i couldnt get DSL, and they couldnt find my apt in their system. I tell them that everyone here has DSL because the cable is provided by (GAG) optel, so no cable modems. well it took around 9 hours over several days to get the DSL set up for instalation, which i started trying to get around 8/4 and was turned on 9/6. and getting the temp dial up was like pulling teeth. that took almost as long and worked crappy.

    The DSL was slow at first, but (for a change) they didnt lie, it did get alot faster after it was on for 10 days str8. oh well, SBC sucks, but its the only option i got!

    yell at them though, it gets you stuff. i paid nothing up front, no activation for phone or DSL, and got the DSL for 29.95 for 8 months.

    oh yeah, and the people also swore i needed their disk for the Dial up (and i didnt have it) and that i needed the disk to get online with the DSL (which you dont cause 1. OSX has built in PPoE and 2. my router dials out anyway).

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